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New Mercedes-AMG S 63 Coupe 2018 facelift review

The Mercedes S-Class Coupe sits in a bizarre no man’s land between quick two-door sports cars and high-end oppulance GTs. While it might cost some-more than a Porsche 911 or Jaguar F-Type, it significantly undercuts Bentley’s latest Continental GT. 

But a success of a Mercedes code knows no bounds, and notwithstanding offered in comparatively medium numbers, a organisation has now given a flagship coupe a mid-life passage and tuck. We gathering a S 560 and not-for-UK all-wheel expostulate S 63 in a US late final year, though this is a initial possibility to try one in Britain. 

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Facelifted cars get many of a same visible changes as their tavern siblings, as good as new OLED behind lights and lengthened front atmosphere intakes. AMG versions also exaggerate an updated Panamericana grille with straight slats, as good as a revised front splitter to revoke lift during speed. 

Mercedes-AMG S 63 Coupe - rear

It’s still only as commanding as ever, oozing interest from each angle. At over 5 metres prolonged and 1.9m wide, it’s a large automobile – dwarfing models like a Aston Martin DB11 for perfect size. It feels outrageous from behind a wheel, too, with a enormous footprint and surprisingly atmospheric cabin. 

Ok, so it’s not as easy as an S-Class saloon, though there’s room for adults in a back. It’s a desirable place to sit, as well, and while a car’s red leather won’t be to all tastes, a craftsmanship unequivocally is exemplary. It’s not as bespoke as a latest Conti GT, though we’ve no complaints with a blueprint or a peculiarity of a materials used. The outrageous digital dials demeanour great, while elementary systems like a standard-fit Apple CarPlay urge functionality. 

But distinct a S-Class tavern on that it is based, a S 63 Coupe is a automobile done to be driven. Gone is a aged 5.5-litre V8, transposed by a informed 4.0-litre bi-turbo also found in a E 63 S. With 604bhp and 900Nm of torque it’s positively not brief on firepower – and only a few moments behind a circle confirms AMG’s latest bid is as crazy and ballistic as ever. 

The 0-62mph scurry takes 4.2 seconds, and if we opt to mislay a electronic limiter, it’ll keep accelerating to 186mph. Everything is accompanied by a formally rough sound track, providing you’ve activated a standard-fit sports empty system. It does a good pursuit of disguising a bulk, too, cornering skilfully with copiousness of grip.

Mercedes-AMG S 63 Coupe - dash

But dial things behind and a S-Class Coupe is one of a excellent and many polished ways to transport from A to B. The float – even on outrageous 20-inch wheels – is good cushioned, while a Magic Body Control cessation keeps hurl in check. It’s that separate celebrity that creates a S 63 such a treat. 

Standard container includes a Burmester stereo, Keyless Go, meridian control and electric front seats with a massage function. All cars also get Merc’s Driving Assistance pack, that adds a 360-degree camera, Active Blind Spot Assist and Distronic adaptive cruise. Our automobile had roughly £30k of options – with night vision, bigger wheels and CO ceramic brakes.

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