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New Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 2018 review

Calling a automobile a four-door coupe might sound like a counterbalance in terms, yet with a attainment of a third-generation of a Mercedes CLS, it looks like a judgment is here to stay.

As good a new look, a 2018 CLS also brings a operation of new engines and some-more apparatus – many of it hereditary from a dearer S-Class sibling. And, while it boasts about softened practicality – claiming to be a initial ‘five-seat’ CLS – it unequivocally deliberately looks like a member of Mercedes’ coupe family. 

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Those looks are what will squeeze your courtesy first, and a figure of this new CLS is many smoother than a predecessor’s, with fewer lines in a bodywork. The neat styling is finished by slim LED headlights and two-section behind lights.

Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 - rear

Initially, usually six-cylinder engines will be available, yet four-cylinder units will join a operation during a finish of a year. For a initial knowledge of a car, we’re perplexing a amiable hybrid Mercedes-AMG CLS 53, that will arrive in Sep – 4 months after a 350 d, 400 d and 450 petrol versions.

It stands out from obtuse CLS models interjection to a singular styling, including a chrome twin-blade radiator grille formerly indifferent for V8 Mercs. Meanwhile, a front apron has an A-wing design, a turn empty tailpipes are embellished in chrome and, inside, a sports seats have singular upholstery and red chair belts.

The cabin is positively a unequivocally grand place to be, with high-quality materials and lots of facilities that are immediately recognizable from a E-Class and S-Class. There’s copiousness of conduct and legroom in a front, too, as good as reasonable space in a back. 

Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 - dash

However, as we can imagine, that swooping roofline means a CLS isn’t utterly as atmospheric as a required saloon, and anyone over six-foot high sitting in a behind will find their conduct rubbing a roof lining. 

Plus, notwithstanding a claims, you’ll unequivocally onslaught to fit 3 opposite a rear; a delivery hovel in a building is too large and a centre chair too slight for anyone to lay there absolutely for any length of time. Likewise, while a foot is a decent size, it’s not a easiest to bucket and unload, interjection to a comparatively slight opening and high lip. 

Perhaps a many considerable partial of a CLS 53 is a 3.0-litre six-cylinder petrol engine and a span of turbochargers: one a normal empty gas charger, a other an electric compressor. It’s a first-ever hybridised AMG, in fact, yet all destiny 53-badged models are approaching to follow suit.

All together, that’s adequate to furnish 429bhp and 520Nm, with an ‘EQ Boost’ electric starter-generator means to supplement 21bhp and 250Nm of torque when relocating off. The EQ Boost also works with a electric compressor to build adult a high assign vigour before a incomparable turbo kicks in, expelling lag. 

On a road, a outcome is present and free response as shortly as we pull a accelerator. Mind you, many of a credit for that contingency go to a ‘intelligent’ four-wheel expostulate system, that ensures a best placement of torque between a wheels – giving glorious traction in any weather. 

Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 - front cornering

That means a CLS is unequivocally discerning opposite country. You can get onto a energy fast as we accelerate out of a corner, assured that there will be no wheelspin even in sleazy conditions. The nine-speed involuntary gearbox is well-spoken and discerning to respond, too, utterly with a automobile in Sport mode, and a soundtrack pops and roars from a empty pipes to inspire we on your way. 

As we can see from a pictures, some abominable continue accompanied a exam expostulate in northern Spain, yet a CLS was never anything other than totally sure-footed. True, it’s not utterly sports car-sharp by a bends, yet it’s positively some-more flexible than a unchanging saloon.

On tip of that, when we hit it behind into Comfort mode, it also proves to be an glorious automobile for travelling prolonged distances, interjection to a well-spoken float and glorious refinement. And that’s notwithstanding a non-standard winter tyres that were propitious to a exam car.

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