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New Jaguar XE 300 Sport 2018 review

It’s no good tip that Jaguar’s XE has struggled commercially beside a some-more apparent rivals from Germany. And one of a explanations because is that there has never been a sporting halo indication during a tip of a ranks to shower some sorcery opposite a rest of a range. Jaguar simply hasn’t had a time, or a money, to build such a automobile – let’s call it a full on M3 opposition – and so a rest of a range, goes a theory, has lacked kerb interest as a result. 

Enter a new £45,640 XE 300 Sport. Now with “just” 296bhp from a turbocharged, 2.0-litre, four-cylinder engine, a 300 Sport is never going to take it all a approach to a M3, C 63 et al, and to be satisfactory it isn’t meant to. But what it does do, reckons Jaguar, is go a prolonged approach towards plugging a gap, during a same time providing XE business with a honestly sporting new indication to opt for which, in a genuine world, is a satisfactory bit cheaper though not a whole lot slower than an M-car or an AMG.

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To assistance it grasp this “almost though some-more affordable” status, a 300 Sport boasts a 4 wheel-drive chassis, uprated cessation and brakes with Jaguar’s crafty adaptive dampers as standard, and countless other tiny tweaks underneath a skin to whet adult a energetic personality.

Jaguar XE 300 Sport - rear

Torque from a turbocharged Ingenium engine rises to a fulsome 400Nm, delivered as a prosaic rise between 1,500-4,500rpm. It weighs a small bit reduction and looks utterly a lot meaner than any other XE interjection to a pointed new black tail spoiler, black sills and large 19-inch wheels. There are also discretionary new black 20-inch wheels, propitious to a automobile we gathering and that appears in a pictures. 

Performance is strong, if not accurately mind-blowing for a smallish sporting saloon; 0-62mph takes 5.7sec with a tip speed singular to 155mph. And that’s mostly how a 300 Sport feels on a move. Quick though not in any approach bombastic; fast though not manic. Composed, with typically poetic steering, though not in any approach edgy. 

But afterwards it isn’t meant to be a highway burner, hence a surprisingly still though polished machinations of a engine and exhaust. Likewise a tyres, that notwithstanding being 265 far-reaching during a back, evacuate roughly no sound during all on a move, ditto a adaptive suspension. 

So nonetheless a 300 Sport is certainly discerning opposite a ground, and is honestly enchanting to drive, a fact that it’s so polished means a speed we can accumulate in it is deceptive. And is delivered with unusual ease. It’s one of those cars that we definitely don’t need to take by a scruff and flesh around to have fun in. In all it does, a 300 Sport is distant some-more pointed than that, and is sensitively considerable as a result. 

Jaguar XE 300 Sport - dash

Elsewhere, there are several visible touches and “300 Sport” badging that heed a car, and rouse a appeal. The headrests, steering wheel, runner mats, step plates and doorway casings all get possibly yellow stitching or badging, or both. So while again such comparatively pointed branding doesn’t make a 300 Sport feel like a full blown super saloon, inside or out, it’s adequate to make a difference. And to make this indication a lot some-more fascinating than any other XE on sale. 

Just don’t discuss a fact that BMW’s 340i M Sport costs a satisfactory bit reduction (before options admittedly), has some-more power, is therefore quicker and has dual some-more cylinders to a name…

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