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New Jaguar E-Pace D240 diesel review

2018 is a large year for Jaguar on dual fronts. This summer, a firm’s initial all-electric automobile will arrive in showrooms in a form of a I-Pace yet before that Jag is rising what could turn a biggest offered indication – a new mid-sized E-Pace SUV.

Jaguar bosses are penetrating to highlight that a newest member of a Jaguar choice is not simply a scaled down F-Pace. To that end, pattern trainer Ian Callum has injected pattern cues from a F-Type sports automobile rather than moulding a looks of a firm’s incomparable SUV into a smaller package.

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It’s a automobile we’ve already driven and one that has tender in D180 form, regulating Jaguar Land Rover’s reliable 2.0-litre Ingenium diesel unit. The D240 indication driven here is that engine in a aloft state of balance with an additional turbo agreeable a estimable energy boost to 237bhp.

Jaguar E-Pace 240D diesel - rear

With 500Nm on tap, this indication has a many torque of any E-Pace and delivers considerable performance, with 0-62mph holding 7.4 seconds from standstill. That abounding baseline of torque creates a D240 feel stronger when overtaking, nonetheless with a nine-speed involuntary gearbox in a default Comfort setting, it doesn’t flog down utterly as fast as you’d like. Nevertheless it’s a well-spoken gearbox and 9 speeds doesn’t feel like overkill.

The E-Pace D240 is pretty polished during cruising speeds too – a breeze sound and tyre bark constructed by a 20-inch wheels on a exam automobile are most some-more noticeable. Inevitably, dipping a stifle coaxes a classical diesel grunt out of a unit, yet by-and-large it’s civilised.

It’s fun to expostulate as well. Jaguar’s engineers have combined a genuine clarity of disproportion between this and a Range Rover Evoque – a automobile a E-Pace shares copiousness of components with. The steering is accurate and weighted nicely, and it’s easy to build certainty from behind a wheel. Torque vectoring is supposing during a back spindle by Jaguar’s Active Driveline system, and we can clarity it in movement in pointy bends, promulgation torque fast to a outward back circle to tie a line. It isn’t unblemished though, and will still understeer straightforwardly if pushed too hard.

Though it would be easy to see a E-Pace as a some-more dynamic, reduction unsentimental kin for a Evoque, it still boasts adequate space for 4 adults – 5 during a pull – in a cabin congested with cubbyholes. The storage bin sat between a motorist and front newcomer is outrageous for instance, while a 577-litre foot is inexhaustible too, incomparable than that in a Land Rover badged brother. The interior itself feels upmarket and good finished, yet maybe it’s a small plain compared to a BMW X2.

Jaguar E-Pace 240D diesel - interior

With a E-Pace S trim turn we tested positioned one stage above a entry-level car, a turn of customary apparatus doesn’t utterly showcase a automobile to a fullest. A powered tailgate, adaptive journey control, unconstrained puncture braking and blind mark support are on a options list, yet they come as customary if we make one step serve adult a ladder to SE trim. The digital instrument arrangement on a automobile isn’t customary fit until we get to HSE trim either. That said, a 10-inch Touch Pro touchscreen infotainment complement is found in all models, yet it’s blank sat nav on a entry-level car. For a reward of £2,250, sporty R-Dynamic styling is available.

There’s no doubt that a E-Pace D240 S is a clever contender, yet maybe it isn’t utterly as good as a E-Pace gets when value for income is brought into consideration. The D180 powertrain – scarcely as able and some-more careful – is some-more wallet accessible both on list cost and on PCP. That section in aloft spec SE trim could be a honeyed spot.

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