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New Audi e-tron antecedent review

It’s been in a news for some-more than dual years now, though finally Audi has handed us a keys to a new, all-electric e-ton SUV. But even now a e-tron is not utterly a finished essay – we’re removing behind a circle of a antecedent in a Namibian dried to see how it’s moulding up.

On initial inspection, all looks flattering familiar. Once we enter a e-tron a cockpit is heavily desirous by a latest Audi Q8 – a same digital instruments and a same two, large touchscreens browbeat a cabin. The usually new elements are a rigging push that looks plucked from a spaceship, a large storage cell behind it and dual tiny screens in a doors that arrangement a images prisoner by dual ultra-slim video cameras replacing a back perspective mirrors. 

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Cast an eye around a rest of a Audi e-tron and you’ll find a resources of other nifty features; a “frunk”, that versatile storage cell underneath a bonnet, is ideal for a charging wire and adds another 60 litres to a 600-litre back boot. And even when we run out of extract you’ll never tire of recharging around a charging pier that elegantly and electrically slides open behind a front wheel.

Audi e-tron Prototype examination - back 3/4 still

But as informed as a e-tron looks, once you’re on a pierce it feels totally different. Silent and well-spoken though with an considerable punch, a electric crossover takes off in a approach that belies a nearby 2.5 tonne kerb weight. It also performs flattering good in a corners – a low centre of sobriety assisting keep physique hurl in check. Although a dry and damaged aspect we’re pushing on doesn’t paint an accurate design of a loyal doing characteristics. That’ll come in Nov when we get behind a circle of a prolongation indication but a unusual physique wrap.  

Propelling a e-tron, and giving it that nimble feeling, is a 95kWh battery, that feeds dual electric motors delivering 402bhp and 664Nm of torque around an all-wheel expostulate system. More than any other aspirant Audi is focussing on pushing pleasure with a flagship electric automobile and has automatic no reduction than 7 opposite expostulate profiles to select from. 

The stifle response, steering and atmosphere cessation can all be tailored – a e-tron can lift itself by 5 centimetres to benefit some-more belligerent clearway or revoke itself by 3 centimetres to revoke drag and improve physique control. The traction control and ESC change from protected and secure to an intensely loose setup definition that on a dry track route, unconstrained slides can be valid interjection to a bundles of torque on offer. On a road, however, that’s doubtful to be of any use to anyone.   

On initial impressions a e-tron does seem to have a broader operation of abilities than a Tesla Model X – some-more flexible in a energetic mode and some-more gentle when you’re holding it easy. However, a appetite recuperation complement when we lift off a stifle doesn’t seem to be as good executed as you‘ll find in a Jaguar I-Pace. It means pushing with only one pedal is not a strongest ability of a e-tron.

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