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Monthly Update for May 2018 – 2018 Nissan Leaf Long

2018 Nissan Leaf: Monthly Update for May 2018

by Mark Takahashi, Senior Writer

Where Did We Drive It?
The 2018 Nissan Leaf assimilated a long-term swift in late March, though this is a initial monthly update. I’m not certain what happened to a Apr update, though hey, it’s an unlawful universe and things infrequently tumble by a cracks. Our Leaf hasn’t left anywhere outward of a standard staff commutes, that is what you’d design from a sincerely new EV addition. Perhaps some dauntless essence will transport outward of a Southern California comfort section soon. Stay tuned.

What Kind of Fuel Economy Did It Get?
Since a finish of March, we’ve logged about 2,200 miles. Over that distance, one motorist went as distant as 129.8 miles on a singular assign and reported 29 miles of operation remaining. If that operation was correct, a Leaf could have exceeded a advertised 151-mile range. Not too shabby.

Current odometer: 2,658 miles
Average lifetime consumption: 29.4 kWh/100 miles (114.6 miles per gallon equivalent)
EPA expenditure rating: 30 kWh/100 miles (125 mpge)
Best fill: 23.8 kWh/100 miles (141.3 mpge)

Maintenance and Upkeep

Logbook Highlights

“Nissan’s e-Pedal gives we clever regenerative braking and as tighten as we can get to one-pedal driving. The regen is so strong, however, that it pushes we behind and forth. It creates me somewhat ill and I’m a one driving! If we have passengers receptive to suit sickness, I’d substantially spin off this mode.” — Ron Montoya, comparison consumer recommendation editor

“What a disproportion a year makes. Last year, a Chevy Bolt was a speak of a party. It arrived as we were in a core of a second time around with a incomparable counterpart, a Volt, though a pint-size EV became a transparent favorite with a quicker assign times, severely useful range, and severely assertive regen braking that authorised us to one-pedal expostulate it by terrible commutes.

“Yeah, a seats are hard, and a interior’s a tapestry of cosmetic and loose-fitting upholstery. And sure, there was that one time it left Kurt stranded on a freeway. One time! Such is a personal cost of creation and early adoption.

“Now here’s a Leaf. Interior? No contest. The Leaf crushes a Bolt. And a seats — look, even a unclothed ash rocking chair is some-more gentle than a Bolt’s seats. And these Leaf buckets aren’t even a spiffy wanderer seats accessible in upper-range Nissans (or if they are, Nissan’s not creation most of a bitch about it). But they’re copiousness gentle for me and a sign that #evlife shouldn’t need spinal sacrifices.

“Sure, a Bolt’s got a Leaf kick on operation and, by extension, convenience. That should change subsequent year when a second Leaf arrives with 200-plus miles of range. But for now, for altogether refinement, a Leaf wins.” — Dan Frio, staff writer

“I’m most some-more gentle in a Leaf than a long-term Chevy Bolt, though that’s not to contend a Leaf fits me. It’s one of a usually cars I’ve been in that finished me feel like a giant. The whole thing seems designed for someone most smaller than my 6-foot frame. we fit in a car, though it’s a bit like a automotive homogeneous of holding one of those 7.5-ounce Coke cans.” — Will Kaufman, associate staff writer

2018 Nissan Leaf

“Where’s a garments hook? Left a dry cleaners over a weekend and couldn’t find a approach to hang my clothes. Am we blind, or does this automobile unequivocally not have a hook?” — Carlos Lago, comparison writer

“I got into a automobile on Monday dusk with a 40 percent charge. The operation guess was during 65 miles. we did some discerning math before determining to take it home. we have a 40-mile turn outing to work, and we indispensable to make a stop during Target a few miles away. In theory, I’d have roughly 20 miles to gangling when we got behind to work. we had lost that on a approach home, we have to stand adult a mountain for about 13 miles. This caused a operation guess to dump sincerely quickly. we got home with 22 percent of a battery remaining and an estimated 36 miles of range.

“I rolled a bones a following morning and gathering to work on Eco mode with a e-pedal on. Now, my invert was operative in my preference as it was mostly downhill. we arrived during work with a 19 percent battery and 29 miles of operation remaining. Impressive regen bid from a e-pedal, though if it were my automobile (and we had a place to charge) we would’ve elite to assign overnight.” — Ron Montoya

“This was some flattering local/neighborhood pushing (not going over 40 mph) and we didn’t have to use a stop pedal a whole time. It’s flattering easy to allay a accelerator and do one-pedal driving.” — Rich Kuras, content strategist

“I’ve attempted to consider of a improved and some-more expressive approach to contend this, though a Leaf is a bit of a dork box. And it’s not only for a approach it looks (EVs don’t have to demeanour weird), though for a approach we lay in this thing. At 6 feet tall, we lay unequivocally high and all inside a automobile seems so distant next you, including a steering wheel, that doesn’t telescope! we feel like an adult pushing a Power Wheels lorry — dorky.” — Kurt Niebuhr, road exam editor

2018 Nissan Leaf

“Can’t get Bluetooth or Android Auto to work with my Google Pixel 2. The Bluetooth tie routine fails during a end, and a shade never gets past a ‘Starting Android Auto’ prompt. I’ve attempted forgetful a device from a automobile and clamp versa, though no luck.” — Carlos Lago

“Apparently vouchsafing a automobile lay for a bit and consider about things is a pivotal to removing Bluetooth/Android Auto to work since now it does. Yay, technology!” — Carlos Lago

“After a initial hiccup removing my phone to connect, I’m happy to news that Android Auto worked exquisitely all weekend. It booted fast and automatically when we plugged in my phone, and it had no problem progressing a tie (I hear Rex had some difficulty with this).” — Carlos Lago

2018 Nissan Leaf

“The digital arrangement in a IP [instrument panel] is a outrageous missed event for Nissan. It’s a decent size, has good resolution, and could simply arrangement a nav shade of identical distance to what’s now in a core of a dash. And that Nissan nav shade needs all a assistance it can get.” — Kurt Niebuhr

“I like a fact that a Leaf has Apple CarPlay, though half a time it doesn’t commend my phone. When we block it in, a infotainment complement thinks it’s a USB drive. Then we go to a smartphone menu and press a button. It asks me to reinsert a USB cord and afterwards it finally goes into CarPlay mode. It’s finished this for me a few times now.” — Ron Montoya

“The partial series for a horn on this thing contingency be common with a moped. I’m not looking for it to sound like a train, though it’s totally ineffectual and can be drowned out by a hubbub of unchanging traffic.” — Kurt Niebuhr

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