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Monthly Update for May 2018 – 2017 Tesla Model 3 Long

2017 Tesla Model 3: Monthly Update for May 2018

by Dan Edmunds, Director of Vehicle Testing

Where Did We Drive It?

May was a light month for a 2017 Tesla Model 3 sedan. Our drivers customarily managed to supplement 752 miles to a odometer. We charged it customarily 5 times.

Part of a reason given that is: Our Model 3 spent 4 days in a emporium removing a issues minute in final month’s refurbish looked at. On 3 other occasions, it sat idle given no one chose to pointer it out — over a three-day weekend, in one case. What’s adult with that? These sum adult to 10 days with positively 0 pushing miles.

Of those who did expostulate it, many were commuters. One staffer who gathering it over Memorial Day — a chairman who was in a last-to-pick container this month and saved it from another idle weekend — didn’t wandering too distant from home. He did conduct to supplement some 200 miles during his Memorial Day outing to a subsequent county, though.

2017 Tesla Model 3

What Kind of ‘Fuel Economy’ Did It Get?
Our Tesla might not have amassed many miles this month, though a normal expenditure came in during 29.5 kilowatt-hours per 100 miles — a neat figure that creates May a many careful month so far. That figure is still a ways off from a Model 3’s EPA rating of 27 kWh/100 miles, though it though softened a car’s lifetime normal consumption. May started off during 31.7 kWh/100 miles, though by month’s finish that normal had forsaken to 31.4 kWh/100 miles. Not a outrageous improvement, though we customarily had 752 miles to work with.

There were other splendid sparks in a data, too. The car’s Average Energy reading — a figure a automobile itself reports to prove a expenditure rate between assign events — strike a new low this month. Our before best army was 200.8 watt-hours per mile, though early in a month someone brought that down to 195 Wh/mi. That new record customarily lasted a integrate of days before we incited in an even thriftier opening of customarily 177 Wh/mi over a coincidentally identical widen of 177.1 miles.

By all rights that should have constructed a new lowest expenditure record after a recharge information was analyzed, though that possibility was mislaid given a assign before to my army had been reduction than a full fill. In cases like that, we have no choice though to supplement a dual charges together and investigate them as a pair, that was hapless given a man before me had been a bit of a leadfoot.

Current odometer: 6,009 miles

Average lifetime recharge electricity consumption: 31.4 kWh/100 miles (107.4 mpge)
EPA expenditure rating: 27 kWh/100 sum (126 mpge)
Best singular fill, this month: 28.5 kWh/100 (118.2 mpge)
Best singular fill, lifetime: 25.6 kWh/100 (131.5 mpge)

Best onboard expenditure scale reading: 177 Wh/mi
Average scale reading: 248.3 Wh/mi
Worst reading (aka a leadfoot award): 323 Wh/mi

2017 Tesla Model 3

Maintenance and Upkeep
Our automobile was in a emporium over a four-day widen as they analyzed Travis’ issues with peculiar warnings such as “Vehicle systems are powering up” and “Regenerative braking limited” and, my personal favorite, “Cannot contend automobile power. Car might stop pushing or close down.”

That final one apparently led to a lot of behind and onward between a use core and headquarters, so they might have been diagnosing an unknown emanate and contrast new solutions. In a end, they uploaded a new set of firmware and gave a automobile behind to us. We haven’t seen these messages since.

I was pushing a automobile about a week later, and another firmware refurbish occurred when we had a automobile parked during a airport. This one came with an reason in a “release notes” that described changes to a media player, a relocation of a in-car owner’s primer within a menu structure, and a further of an automobile high-beam headlight feature. Cool.

But that wasn’t it. Yet another firmware refurbish famous as Version 2018.18.13 was sent to a automobile on Friday, May 25, this time with no reason of a purpose in a recover notes. But Elon Musk himself tweeted a subsequent day that a Friday recover had been a stop program change a automaker had betrothed in a arise of a car’s bad display in Consumer Reports testing.

CR had seen stops in a 150-foot range, though a possess 60-0 mph panic-stop contrast had constructed a stop of 133 feet. Our outcome is clearly reduction shocking than CR‘s, though it’s still not unequivocally confidence-inspiring. We devise to retest in early Jun to see if we see any benefit.

None of this cost us any money, of course.

2017 Tesla Model 3

Logbook Highlights


“It’s a contrition this automobile is so greatly annoying in so many ways given a pushing dynamics are excellent. This car’s steering and doing are in another universe compared to a other dual long-term EVs in a swift (Bolt and Leaf). Of course, a Model 3 (like everybody else’s so far) is also in another galaxy, pricewise, too. Will a $36,000 chronicle ever materialize?” — Jason Kavanagh, comparison highway exam engineer

“The Model 3 is a good automobile to take on a highway trip. There’s copiousness of load space in a case and frunk. It handles well. Thanks to a present torque, we can dart by gaps in trade with ease. And with one-pedal pushing (thanks to regenerative braking) as good as adaptive journey and Autopilot, a Model 3 creates complicated trade sufferable and relaxing.” — Rich Kuras, calm strategist

2017 Tesla Model 3


“The high behind rug hampers rearward visibility. Sure, there’s a backup camera for reversing (a truly superb one … when it works), though in trade a cars abaft of a Model 3 are many some-more vaporous in a rearview counterpart than in many other cars. And this is entrance from a high man who enjoys a improved vantage indicate than do.” — Jason Kavanagh


“Paperwork snafus have prevented us from receiving a HOV line entrance stickers, so we found myself wading in among a unchanging trade a past integrate days. Two 88-mile turn trips to work in L.A. slow-and-go trade unequivocally does keep a speed down. But it wasn’t sum stop-and-go, so we was means to contend a sincerely solid gait that customarily staid around 35 mph (and never forsaken subsequent 10 mph or exceeded 55 mph as a mass of cars ebbed and flowed). This is where EVs unequivocally shine, generally if we rest on regenerative braking, demeanour distant forward and hang behind a integrate additional lengths to well-spoken out your speed transitions. My reward: an normal of 177 Wh/mile and adequate remaining extract to simply govern a third turn trip. But we was drifting out on a business trip. Maybe subsequent time.” — Dan Edmunds, executive of automobile testing

“The potion roof is flattering good to have, though in California we consider that underline creates it unequivocally tough to strike a approaching range, during slightest in warmer weather. we went to Ojai and temps were assuage for SoCal (low 80s, sunny) and we can customarily feel a eager feverishness by a glass. As a result, we got to invariably holder a air, that is going to impact a altogether range.

“Leaving it outward a hotel in a object all day, we also saw a bit of battery drain.

“Coming behind from a hike, we could see from a Tesla app that a interior temp was 108. we incited on a atmosphere to cold a cabin. It’s an extraordinary underline to have but, again, we start chipping divided during a range. From a 265-mile charge, it looked like we mislaid around 10-12 miles of operation with air, battery empty and an additional passenger.” — Rich Kuras


“One good thing about a Tesla Model 3? If we dump your phone while seated, there unequivocally is no place for it to go other than a footwell floor. The space underneath a chair is flattering tight, parsimonious adequate to frustrate any erring phone from slipping in. we unnoticed my phone and suspicion it slipped out of my purse while we was roving in a Model 3 on a approach to work. Unfortunately, as shortly as we got to work, Tesla arrived to collect it adult and whisked it divided to a dealership to repair some issues.

“We told a dealership and asked them to hunt for my Google Pixel while we called it (but a ringer was off). Meanwhile, we gathering down there, 20 mins from Edmunds HQ, assured that I’d do a some-more consummate hunt than anyone. But when we was sport around a car, we saw that, if it wasn’t on possibly side of a seat, afterwards chances were it wasn’t there during all. The space underneath a newcomer chair is so slight that we could hardly crowd my palm in there. After we swept a area with a flashlight and didn’t see anything in a tiny patch of underseat carpet, we gave adult a search. I’m not going to contend where we finished adult anticipating my phone but, yeah, it wasn’t in a Model 3.” — Caroline Pardilla, comparison duplicate editor

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