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Monthly Update for Mar 2018 – 2017 Land Rover Discovery Long

2017 Land Rover Discovery: Monthly Update for Mar 2018

by Dan Frio, Automotive Editor

Where Did We Drive It?
Mar was a workaday month for a 2017 Land Rover Discovery. We used it mostly in internal pushing and travelling roles, so a mileage fell subsequent a standard monthly target.

Editor Brent Romans had it for a spell and shaped several impressions of a real-world use, trimming from a utility of a atmosphere suspension, peculiar road-noise infiltration, and unsatisfactory infotainment interface. On a other hand, newcomer room and load space rated highly.

What Kind of Fuel Economy Did It Get?
We gathering a Disco 1,305 miles in March, stuffing it adult 4 times with 74 gallons of fuel. That averaged out to 17.6 mpg combined. That’s improved than final month’s normal of 15.4, though it wasn’t adequate to boost a lifetime mpg average. That indeed took a serve dive in Mar and now sits during 16.4 mpg. Yikes. That’s a good bit off a EPA rating of 18 mpg.

Average lifetime mpg: 16.4
EPA mpg rating: 18 total (16 city/21 highway)
Best fill mpg: 21.3
Best range: 449.9 miles
Current odometer: 11,513 miles

Maintenance and Upkeep

Logbook Highlights

“Our Discovery has a discretionary atmosphere cessation that can be used to reduce or lift a vehicle’s float height. Since we have nonetheless to expostulate a Discovery on dirt, a usually aspect to it that I’ve beheld is a obscure part. It automatically drops down when you’re parked to promote easier entrance and exit. Land Rover says it drops 1.6 inches compared to a normal float height. It’s flattering cool, and indeed creates removing in and out easy. You only slip in instead of climbing up, like we need to do on some other oppulance SUVs.” — Brent Romans, comparison automotive editor

2017 Land Rover Discovery

“The atmosphere cessation on a Discovery is flattering cool. we formerly wrote a criticism that it’s useful since it lowers a physique to make it easier to get in and out. That’s something we can conclude each day. But of course, a atmosphere cessation is unequivocally partial of a Disco’s off-road enhancements. Switch a expostulate selector doorknob to a small pictograph of a SUV with a upward-pointing arrow and a Discovery rises a britches. According to a spec sheet, it provides a lofty 11.1 inches of belligerent clearance. If zero else, that would give me combined assent of mind about not banging anything underneath a car if we was pushing along a rutted trail.” — Brent Romans

2017 Land Rover Discovery

“I’ve beheld that there’s an peculiar harmonic worker entrance from a Discovery when you’re pushing it during highway speeds. It’s unequivocally conspicuous around 70 mph. I’m not certain if it’s tire sound or something else. It’s not terrible, though on prolonged drives it gets annoying, increases sound and diminishes comfort. This worker seems like something we should discuss to a play subsequent time we take a Disco in for service.” — Brent Romans

“The touchscreen infotainment complement in a Discovery is disappointing. It’s spasmodic delayed to respond when we press a menu button, or doesn’t respond during all. I’ve had problems interfacing with my iPhone for song and podcasts, too. No Apple CarPlay or Android Auto either. It’s a clear downside to what is differently an beguiling SUV.” — Brent Romans

2017 Land Rover Discovery

“I used a Discovery for a new two-day outing with a few friends. We all unequivocally favourite it. we consider it excels for this kind of thing. Five points why:

1: It’s ample and gentle (one of my friends commented we could all be wearing cowboy hats and still have adequate headroom).

2: The load area was large adequate to reason a luggage, with room to spare.

3: Rear meridian controls and USB ports are useful for back passengers.

4: Respectable energy when we need it.

5: The status of pushing a Land Rover (it’s not your run-of-the-mill BMW X5 or Acura MDX).” — Brent Romans

2017 Land Rover Discovery

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