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Monthly Update for Jun 2018 – 2018 Mini Countryman Hybrid Long

2018 Mini Countryman S E Hybrid: Monthly Update for Jun 2018

by Dan Frio, Staff Writer

Where Did We Drive It?
After a month of “All Brent, All a Time,” in that a 2018 Mini Cooper Countryman S E Hybrid spent a bulk of May during a Central California bureau with editor Brent Romans (and racked adult many miles with dual highway trips and lots of internal driving), we attempted something opposite with a Mini in June: We done it an all-gasoline month.

That meant no recharging in a Edmunds HQ garage or during home. Just pushing usually on a Mini’s little 9.5-gallon fuel tank, that meant copiousness of trips to a pump. Our pushing was singular to internal trips and bureau commuting, and we were agreeably astounded by a results.

We also shaped a few some-more impressions of a Mini’s load application and tech features.

What Kind of Fuel Economy Did It Get?
We customarily follow a standardised approach of pushing a Mini electric hybrid, pushing in all-electric mode until we devour a hybrid battery pack’s charge, afterwards continue pushing on gas. Exhausting a battery container isn’t hard; it’s usually rated during 12 miles of electric-only range, nonetheless we’ve managed to mislay some-more on a few occasions.

In June, we didn’t worry with charging. Instead we wanted to see what kind of potency we could wring from a 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine. Turns out, we can wring from it about what a EPA says we should. We gathering 1,154 miles and averaged 26.9 mpg in total driving. The EPA guess is 27 mpg combined. For comparison, a non-hybrid Countryman is rated during 25 mpg combined.

We filled adult 6 times in June, averaging 192 miles of operation per tank (farthest range, 237 miles; least, 147 miles).

Miles driven: 1,154
Average fuel economy in June: 26.9 mpg
EPA mpg rating: 27 mpg combined
Electricity used in June: 0
Current odometer: 7,191 miles

Maintenance and Upkeep

Logbook Highlights

2018 Mini Countryman S E Hybrid

“Driving during normal turnpike speeds, we unequivocally feel all of a bumps. This automobile competence not be a good choice for people with behind problems. The headrests gaunt unequivocally distant forward. Luckily during 5-foot-5, I’m only brief adequate to not be too influenced by it. If we was any taller, it would have been unequivocally uncomfortable.” — Laurel Carden, amicable media manager

“Got all friendly in a fabulously well-bolstered driver’s chair for a toil home and put my Edmunds tumbler full of H2O in a front cupholder. It didn’t accurately fit though sat atop a cupholder insets. All was excellent until we took a spin and a cupholder tumbled out of a gossamer hold, transfer H2O on a building pad and my pants. Luckily it was only H2O and not prohibited coffee.” — Kathleen Clonts, duplicate chief

2018 Mini Countryman S E Hybrid

“The oh-so-Mini ambient lighting unequivocally accentuates a core console arrangement in a dark.” — Kathleen Clonts


2018 Mini Countryman S E Hybrid

“This Mini’s load ability doesn’t seem to be impacted most by a further of a hybrid battery. we was means to fit dual bicycles (not during a same time) into a load area with a seats folded down. First was a large-framed towering bike. we had to mislay a front circle for it to fit. The second time we attempted a medium-size highway bike. The best partial was that we didn’t have to mislay a wheel.” — Ron Montoya, comparison consumer recommendation editor

2018 Mini Countryman S E Hybrid

“I had a bizarre connected app blunder occur in a Mini. we gave a complement accede to tide Amazon Music and Spotify, given those were natively upheld apps. But once we did, it always wanted to play songs from Amazon. we switched to a podcast and a few seconds after a complement wanted to play a Amazon strain again. we got behind into a automobile after using a few errands and notwithstanding force-closing a app, it started personification a Amazon Music again. This was so frustrating that we infirm a underline and went behind to ‘old-fashioned’ Bluetooth audio.” — Ron Montoya

“Discovered that a Mini won’t uncover we a backup camera if a induce is ajar. Somehow a induce non-stop while we was parked in a grocery store lot as my father ran inside to squeeze PopCorners (for a win). Maybe we strike a case recover button, though we don’t remember going anywhere nearby it. When we put a Countryman in reverse, an idol arrangement a open case popped adult in a arrangement instead of a amazingly transparent backup camera feed.” — Kathleen Clonts

2018 Mini Countryman S E Hybrid

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