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Monthly Update for Jun 2018 – 2018 BMW 540i xDrive Long

2018 BMW 540i: Monthly Update for Jun 2018

by Carlos Lago, Manager, Feature Content

Where Did We Drive It?
Though scarcely everybody on staff loves pushing a long-term 2018 BMW 540i, a past 9 months haven’t been issue-free. Weird electrical gremlins have popped adult on occasion. And while nothing have been catastrophic, they do make we consternation what’s going on inside a car.

Since we’ve had a 540i, Apple CarPlay has solidified a few times, and a whole party shade has refused to foot up. This month? The backup camera stopped working, that compulsory a elementary restart. More difficult was a “passenger patience complement malfunction” warning that popped adult one morning. That warning compulsory a revisit to a dealer, that didn’t correct a problem.

What Kind of Fuel Economy Did It Get?
We didn’t cover as many miles in Jun as we’d have liked. With a “passenger patience complement malfunction” warning on, a 540i spent a few days parked both in a garage and during a dealer. But when it was on a road, a BMW trafficked 1,371 miles and consumed 56.3 gallons of gas, concealment a monthly fuel economy normal of 24.4 mpg. Our lifetime normal is a bit reduce during 23.1 mpg, yet that matches a EPA total rating.

Average lifetime mpg: 23.1
EPA mpg rating: 23 total (20 city/29 highway)
Best fill mpg: 32.7
Best range: 488.9 miles
Current odometer: 13,879 miles

2018 BMW 540i

Maintenance and Upkeep
After a 540i displayed a “passenger patience complement malfunction” alert, we called Santa Monica BMW for service. Even yet it was Wednesday, a soonest we could get in was early Monday morning.

The automobile was prepared Tuesday afternoon. According to a invoice, a play “connected battery horse to automobile and achieved brief test. Found newcomer chair pad sensor error in system. As per exam plan, achieved approval and found no problems. As per SIB 65 04 14, privileged error and test-drove vehicle. Rechecked and found OK.”

The correct was achieved underneath warranty, yet it didn’t seem to accomplish anything. Shortly after removing a automobile back, a warning reappeared. We’ve parked a automobile again for reserve reasons and will news on a lapse to a dealership subsequent month.

2018 BMW 540i

Logbook Highlights
“The rearview camera only stopped operative on a 540i. we incited a automobile off and afterwards behind on. The camera started operative excellent again.” — Mike Schmidt, comparison manager, automobile contrast operations

“Hey, BMW? It’s me, an Android user. I’d unequivocally like it if my Google Pixel could say a consistent Bluetooth tie with a 540i like it does with other cars. As things are now, a tie gets severed whenever we accept a notification, requiring me to lift over, undo and reconnect my phone to resume listening to whatever we was streaming. And while we’re during it, how about adding Android Auto support?” — Carlos Lago, manager, underline content

“Electronic gremlins aside, we unequivocally suffer a 540i and have spent substantially too most time meditative about how I’d sequence one. I’d skip all-wheel expostulate since there’s no continue in Los Angeles. Plus, gripping it rear-drive improves total fuel economy by 1 mpg and saves we a small some-more than $2,000 off a plaque price. The wheels and extraneous pattern updates on a M Sport Design are must-haves, and I’d hang with a 19-inch wheels instead of opting for a 20s. The modernized motorist aids in a Driving Assistance Plus package and a comfort from a Luxury Seating package make prolonged drives enjoyable, while a opening upgrades in a Dynamic Handling package do a same for turnpike on-ramps and circuitous roads.” — Carlos Lago

2018 BMW 540i

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