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Monthly Update for Jun 2018 – 2017 Tesla Model 3 Long

2017 Tesla Model 3: Monthly Update for Jun 2018

by Jonathan Elfalan, Road Test Manager

Where Did We Drive It?
In box we missed it final month, we returned to a Edmunds exam lane with a long-term2017 Tesla Model 3 to retest braking opening following an over-the-air program refurbish that Tesla pushed out in late May. This program refurbish was in response to several prolongation Model 3s returning less-than-stellar puncture braking opening during instrumented testing. You can review all about it (and watch it!) by following a integrate above.

The rest of a month was spent mostly around a Los Angeles area, with a integrate of brief weekend trips north to a Ojai Valley. Thankfully, we encountered really few issues in Jun compared to months prior. Let’s wish it’s a pointer of a times and some-more fast firmware.

What Kind of Fuel Economy Did It Get?
Our Model 3 continues to accumulate mileage during a comparatively regressive rate, covering usually 650 miles in June. Jun also valid to be a many reduction fit month, due to possibly a garland of lead-foot drivers during a circle or, some-more likely, increasing dependency on a A/C complement with a warmer days on us.

Compared to a many fit expenditure normal from May — 29.5 kilowatt-hours per 100 miles — June clocked in during a ashamed 36.8 kilowatt-hours per 100 miles (91.6 miles per gallon equivalent), a misfortune month to date.

2017 Tesla Model 3

Aside from aloft altogether monthly average, relocating us serve from a EPA expenditure rating, there were no single-charge annals set this month, good or bad.

Current odometer: 6,659 miles
Average lifetime recharge electricity consumption: 31.8 kWh/100 miles (105.9 mpge)
EPA expenditure rating: 27 kWh/100 total miles (126 mpge)
Best singular fill, June: 28.6 kWh/100 miles (117.8 mpge)
Best singular fill, lifetime: 25.6 kWh/100 miles (131.5 mpge)

Best onboard expenditure scale reading: 177 Wh/mi
Average scale reading: 250.3 Wh/mi
Worst reading (aka “The Leadfoot Award”): 323 Wh/mi

Maintenance and Upkeep
Aside from a over-the-air program refurbish mentioned above, a Model 3 underwent no maintain and maintain this month.

Logbook Highlights

2017 Tesla Model 3

“What an 80-year-old thinks of a Tesla Model 3: For Father’s Day we borrowed a Tesla Model 3 reckoning my father would get a flog out of it. He suffers from tool lust. First thing he remarked about a Model 3 was how expensive-looking and pleasing it was. Other things he dug: that potion roof, a ‘iPad controls’ and a frunk.

“‘It’s really purify and plain,’ he said, commenting on a interior’s Apple store aesthetic. The usually thing Dad seemed bummed about, besides a miss of Ludicrous mode, was that there wasn’t an engine he could look at.” — Caroline Pardilla, comparison duplicate editor

2017 Tesla Model 3

“This weekend I’ve detected a new reason we wish to scream during a Model 3 to ‘get off my lwn’: that pivotal card. First, it doesn’t always work when we wish to clear a car. You’re ostensible to daub it on a specific mark on a B-pillar [side roof pillar] to clear a door. But that never worked for me, so we always had to initial foot adult a app on my phone to clear it. And afterwards when we wish to start pushing we have to place a label or your phone on a core console nearby a cupholders. But we consternation if other Tesla owners indeed find this preferable to an tangible pivotal or pivotal fob? And if so, in what way?” — Caroline Pardilla

2017 Tesla Model 3

“For as high-tech as a Model 3 purports to be, a miss of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is still a vivid omission. Yes a Model 3 has Google Maps and song streaming, though we cite a formation of my song services, podcast apps, and a ability to send and accept texts around voice.” — Ron Montoya, senior consumer recommendation editor

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