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Monthly Update for Jun 2018 – 2017 Honda CR-V Long

2017 Honda CR-V: Monthly Update for Jun 2018

by Cameron Rogers, Staff Writer

Where Did We Drive It?
We’ve owned a 2017 Honda CR-V for some-more than a year now and a red-purple application car still proves to be damn renouned with a staff. You wouldn’t know it by looking during a fuel log, though: We total usually 593 miles to a odometer in June. If we could peruse a signout sheets, however, you’d see that a CR-V went home with editors 25 days out of a month.

The brief distances we trafficked didn’t do anything to boost altogether fuel economy, though with so few miles added, they didn’t harm it most either. We didn’t embark on any trips in June, though with summer about to strike full swing, design to see a useful CR-V evading a L.A. area soon.

What Kind of Fuel Economy Did It Get?
The CR-V’s normal of 26.9 mpg in Jun was reduce than a lifetime average, that remained during 27.6 mpg for a third month in a row. Overall, a fuel economy is underperforming relations to a EPA estimates, though we consider a CR-V still displays conspicuous potency for a crossover with such a eager engine underhood. (It’s some-more than 1.5 seconds quicker to 60 mph than a thirstier Mazda CX-5.) Still, I’d like to see another CR-V highway trip. Maybe we can kick a single-tank fuel economy record we set all a approach behind in Apr final year.

Average lifetime mpg: 27.6
EPA mpg rating: 30 total (28 city/34 highway)
Best fill mpg: 38.9
Best range: 425.5 miles
Current odometer: 24,301 miles

Maintenance and Upkeep

Logbook Highlights
“The CR-V is an impossibly easy car to recommend. By a numbers it’s a transparent category personality and it’ll do all we wish a compress SUV to do though any fuss. That said, a some-more time we spend in a CR-V and a competitors — especially a Mazda CX-5 — the some-more I’m struck by how inexpensive a CR-V’s interior feels.

“It’s a lot some-more plasticky, a shifter feels a bit lax and light, and each time we press my knee opposite an interior doorway panel, it flexes — a lot. Honda is behind to creation some good cars after a duration of creation some flattering chintzy-feeling and muted things (2012-2016 Civic, anybody?) and this CR-V feels stranded in a middle. It’s a good SUV that also feels flattering chintzy.” — Will Kaufman, associate staff writer

2017 Honda CR-V

“I don’t know when a CR-V is removing a modernise (it’s usually been on sale for one indication year, after all), though when it does, we wish Honda changes out a touchscreen complement with a one in a new 2018 Accord. The Accord’s touchscreen — with tile-based iconography, discerning responses and earthy buttons for high-level functions — is most easier to use than a one in a CR-V.

“The current-generation CR-V’s touchscreen was adopted from a Civic. In a Civic, a complement was so annoying that reporters oohed and aahed when a CR-V debuted and introduced a volume knob. Imagine how happy people would be with a CR-V infotainment complement that worked.” — Cameron Rogers, staff writer

“If we haven’t heard, examination cinema in a park has turn a thing here in Los Angeles. Imagine a unchanging park picnic, supplement some live bands to keep a throng entertained and a slew of food trucks to keep them fed, and you’d have a satisfactory thought of how these things play out. When a object goes down, a 1980s film gets intoxicated on a 30-foot inflatable screen, and all is good.

“But given good adequate never is, these cinema in a park can usually as simply be cinema on a beach. we don’t know about we and your friends, though me and cave don’t wish to usually lay in silt all night, so it’s critical to move along chairs. And all a other crap you’d wish to have if you’re stranded on a beach for 5 hours.

“Since it was my time to drive, we took a Honda CR-V for a weekend. It’s tough to kick a CR-V’s cavernous storage area. But a low tailgate entrance indicate is what hermetic a understanding for me. When tasked with relocating beach chairs, a H2O cooler, and whatever else deemed needed, that low tailgate comes in handy. Combine all that with seating for five, a agreeable ride, and a small-ish footprint, and a CR-V is a no-brainer.” — Matt Jones, comparison consumer recommendation editor

“As distant as we know, each car’s touchscreen has a ability to automatically adjust a liughtness depending on how splendid it is outside. This morning, a CR-V’s incidentally started switching between full bright, low and a totally black screen. It was cloudy and we wasn’t pushing underneath any trees, so whichever sensor a shade uses to establish optimal liughtness shouldn’t have gotten any bizarre readings.

“After we attempted to correlate with a shade to rewind my podcast and got no initial response from a screen, a problem stopped. we didn’t have another emanate with a shade for a residue of my drive. A bizarre issue, and one we’ll get checked out subsequent time we take it in for service.” — Cameron Rogers

2017 Honda CR-V

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