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Monthly Update for Feb 2018 – 2016 Toyota Prius Long

2016 Toyota Prius: Update for Feb 2018

by Mark Takahashi, Senior Writer

Where Did We Drive It?
Our long-term 2016 Toyota Prius continued a common travelling duties, with a highway outing to Oceanside, California, churned in for good measure. We’ve reached a finish of a yearlong exam and, not surprisingly, a Prius reached this miracle with no automatic problems and an normal fuel economy of roughly 50 mpg. Impressive.

What Kind of Fuel Economy Did It Get?
We clocked 729.5 miles on a Prius in Feb and filled it with 14.6 gallons of unleaded fuel. That comes to 50 mpg for a month, that is a really slight alleviation over a lifetime normal though not adequate to pierce a needle. The prior best-fill and -range total sojourn unchanged.

Average lifetime mpg: 49.7
EPA mpg rating: 52 total (54 city/50 highway)
Best fill mpg: 57.2
Best range: 513.1 miles
Current odometer: 17,758 miles

Maintenance and Upkeep

Logbook Highlights

2016 Toyota Prius

“I was going out of city for a weekend and motionless to move my highway bike with me. Our 2016 Prius is a hatchback, though a roofline slopes downward in a rear. we wasn’t certain if my bike would fit, though opportunely my concerns were fast alleviated. The Prius load cover was easy to mislay and a back seats folded flat. My bike fit with room to gangling and we didn’t even have to mislay a front wheel. we also had room for a medium-size washing basket and a integrate of selling bags full of garments placed in a back footwells.” — Ron Montoya, comparison consumer recommendation editor

“This is a confidant acknowledgment for me, though a new Honda Accord hybrid and a 2016 Prius have altered my viewpoint on hybrids. Prior to these, a variety I’d driven never had adequate power, a stop-start systems were too intrusive, and a transition between electric support and a gas engine were too oppressive for my taste. This Prius has vastly softened on those issues. Driving it is no longer a scapegoat we make to get stellar fuel economy. we wouldn’t indispensably call it fun, though this Prius is pleasing to drive. With gas prices rising here in California, I’ll really put a hybrid on my list of vehicles to cruise when my stream franchise is up.” — Ron Montoya

“I had to panic-brake in a Prius when a motorcyclist motionless to take a right spin perpendicularly opposite a front finish of a car. Luckily we was puttering along in trade (at many doing 15 mph) and a Prius did a stellar pursuit entrance to a discerning stop. And that guy’s not passed — that’s a plus.” — Kathleen Clonts, duplicate chief

“I threw my iPhone 8 Plus on a wireless charging pad, though it took me a while to notice a orange blinking light, apparently indicating it wasn’t charging. Come to find out that a iPhone 8 Plus is too large for a charger. According to this 2017 report, Apple concurred a 8 Plus competence not fit into some vehicles’ charging areas: ‘Some automotive wireless chargers have earthy distance constraints and competence not fit each phone. If you’re formulation on shopping a automobile with a wireless charger, make certain that your iPhone will fit in a horse first.'” — Kathleen Clonts

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