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Monthly Update for Apr 2018 – 2017 Tesla Model 3 Long

2017 Tesla Model 3: Monthly Update for Apr 2018

by Travis Langness, Staff Writer

Where Did We Drive It?
Where we gathering a long-term 2017 Tesla Model 3 in Apr is a bit reduction applicable than what happened while we were pulling it. We did internal travelling and a few turnpike journeys, sure, nonetheless everywhere we went a automobile was diligent with problems. Sixteen weeks into ownership, we’ve had so many issues with a Model 3 that we started a common Google Doc to catalog several warning messages, required shade resets and ubiquitous failures.

Forget that this is a “cutting-edge” EV with a cult following. That’s irrelevant if Tesla wants to be anything some-more than a footnote in automotive history. Our Model 3 cost us $56,000, and by that customary alone, a tenure knowledge so distant has been unacceptable. But this is no typical $56K car. We put down a $1,000 deposition to get on a two-year watchful list for this automobile and it’s descending apart.

Early adopters who could spend 6 total on a automobile such as a Model S might’ve given Tesla a bit of additional leeway. Maybe they figure it’s a little cost to compensate for such a technologically modernized car. Maybe it’s a scapegoat they’re peaceful to make to equivocate regulating hoary fuels and get giveaway entrance to a carpool lane. This distant into a run, though, and with a automobile dictated for mass appeal, Tesla should have a bugs worked out. It clearly doesn’t.

What Kind of Fuel Economy Did It Get?
We put down 1,120 miles in April, adult a few miles from final month. That’s a bit shorter than a monthly idea of around 1,700 miles so we’ll have to devise a few Supercharger-fueled highway trips to locate up. We plugged in during a Edmunds high-powered wall horse 12 times in Apr and used usually one Supercharger station. Here’s what that looks like in terms of appetite consumption:

Current odometer: 5,257 miles
Average lifetime consumption: 33.6 kWh/100 miles (100.2 miles per gallon equivalent)
EPA expenditure rating: 27 kWh/100 total (126 mpge)
Best fill: 25.6 kWh/100 (131.5 mpge)

This is a second month in a quarrel that a normal kilowatt-hours used per 100 miles increased, nonetheless we’re still doing improved than a EPA total guess (the reduce a appetite use per 100 miles, a some-more fit you’ve been driving). As a side note, Supercharger appetite got some-more costly this month. Tesla upped a cost from 20 cents per kWh to 26 cents per kWh. That’s some-more than some of a editors compensate to assign a Tesla during home, nonetheless not outrageous. When we cruise a cost of installing a Level 2 horse during home, Superchargers are still a comparatively good deal.

Maintenance and Upkeep
Based on many issues we had early in a month, we took a Model 3 in for service. The many irritating of those issues was a repeated, wild boost in stereo volume, infrequently when we weren’t even in a car. Basically, a stereo would unexpected go to full volume though explanation. This and other issues are cataloged from a records below:

• Would not commend keycard in or on a console and hence would not go into gear. It did, however, clear a car. Workaround was to force quit a app and restart a app. Then it would concede a choice of Drive or Reverse.

• The backup camera shade did not seem when reversing.

• Nav shade going haywire: zooming, scrolling, pinching, pixelating all during once.

• Audio complement branch on by itself during full volume.

• Audio arrangement incidentally relocating adult and down a shade though any authority from a human.

• Audio complement came on and went to full volume all by itself while a automobile was off, sealed and unoccupied. we listened it from 100 yards away. “Who is that buffoon personification his stereo so shrill we can hear it from here?” Oh, it’s Elon. we incited it down, nonetheless it kept loath adult and down as we started driving, operative opposite my steady attempts to dial it down. Then it bloody all a approach to maximum. My ears are still toll dual hours later. Fixed after reboot. Not certain about conference damage.

• Audio page leaping adult and down fast like a up-carrot symbol to enhance a source menu was being played with by a child who ate too most candy. Concurrent with a volume problem above. Same reboot.

• Icons on a map shade flickering.

• The newcomer self-centredness counterpart fell off completely. Installed and hold on usually by double-sided tape. Reinstalled by dire unequivocally tough on a mirror.

• The shade went totally low on startup, no song or operation. Restarted a car. The shade worked; a backup camera did not.

2017 Tesla Model 3

After diagnosing a car’s problems, we took a Model 3 to a use core mid-April. The use core transposed a core screen, updated a firmware, and sent us on a way. That outing to a use core also enclosed a program update, that was meant to residence some really specific problems we were carrying with a Autopilot system. For some-more on that update, check out this video. The whole routine during a use core usually took about 3 hours, so we waited and gathering a automobile home a same day. The use was giveaway and we haven’t had a volume emanate again, nonetheless there were several warnings in a following dual weeks:

• The automobile will not change into Drive or Reverse on startup. “Vehicle Systems Are Powering Up. Shift Into D or R After Message Clears.” Have to wait for it to energy up. A shrill click comes from a behind of a automobile as if a expostulate missile is enchanting and a summary on a shade goes away.

• The automobile displays a new message: “Cannot Maintain Vehicle Power. Car May Stop Driving or Shut Down.” No shutdowns yet, nonetheless gripping an eye out.

• With 170 miles of range, a automobile displays a “Regenerative Braking Limited” message. Plenty of accessible space to store regen power. Logged a issue, afterwards reset a shade with a reboot. The summary has not displayed since.

• While a automobile was parked, a newcomer object visor was left down and a counterpart fell out. Pressed behind into place. Hoping it won’t tumble out again.

2017 Tesla Model 3

2017 Tesla Model 3

2017 Tesla Model 3

Just to recap, this has all happened in a past 4 weeks, reduction than 4 full months into a yearlong test. We’ve already scheduled a third use revisit for subsequent month, and a common calm with this automobile is wearing thin.

Days out of service: 0

Logbook Highlights

Cargo Space
“I was recently transporting a vast record collection, along with a few boxes of CDs, and a Model 3 was a automobile we had for a job. we was tender by a Model 3’s storage ability relations to a size, with a space to fit 4 large storage containers and several cases of CDs with space to spare. The weight on tip of a behind seats, however, set off a chair sensor, revelation me there was something in a behind seat. It did this, on a constantly displaying basis, for over 100 miles. Seems to me like there should be some arrange of delegate sensor that knows a chair is folded down before it warns me that a cosmetic totes aren’t wearing their chair belts.” — Travis Langness, staff writer

2017 Tesla Model 3

2017 Tesla Model 3

2017 Tesla Model 3

“Technology is ostensible to make things easier, right? Right? That is so NOT a box with a Tesla Model 3. Simple things are tough to figure out during initial glance. I’ve complained about this emanate in a Model X before. we wish to change a radio station. On a shade all we get are icons of a preset radio stations, some of them have a tangible radio hire dial numbers and others are usually little thumbnails of bands (?). The hire I’m now listening to isn’t even anywhere apparent on a display.

“Cut to me perplexing to get out of a automobile from a newcomer side while parked in a low garage. Where is a handle/button/lever to open a door? ‘It’s that low LED light there,’ pronounced editor Jay Kavanagh from a driver’s chair after carrying watched me feel blindly around on a newcomer door. Ugh, because is all so hard? we usually consternation what it’s like for those who indeed possess this car. It contingency get easier. It has to.” —Caroline Pardilla, comparison duplicate editor

2017 Tesla Model 3

“Weird glitch with a new shade on a Model 3. we was greeted with a vacant shade in a morning. The automobile was on, nonetheless a shade was black. we put it in Drive and dictated on going to work with a inadequate screen. For kicks, we figured I’d give my Bluetooth audio a try, so I’d have something to listen to. This seemed to jumpstart a shade behind to life. It functioned as dictated for a rest of a weekend.” — Ron Montoya, comparison consumer recommendation editor

“Backseat comfort examination from a dual adult passengers roving in a Tesla Model 3: They pronounced a automobile rode intensely severe over imperfections in a highway and it was not gentle during all. It fast detonate their ‘Oh, demeanour during this cold Tesla!’ bubble.” — Ron Montoya

“This automobile is a fun to expostulate on Angeles Crest Highway, and we don’t contend that lightly. Angeles Crest is a famously perfectionist highway that winds adult into a San Gabriel Mountains north of Los Angeles. You need brakes, energy and a taut, offset framework to do it right. The Model 3 has it all. Body hurl is minimal, a brakes don’t complain, a steering is gratifyingly precise, and there are gobs of present torque on tap. Plus, a regenerative braking duty means we use a tangible stop pedal reduction often.

“It’s a new kind of fun to lift off a stifle forward of a dilemma and comprehend you’ve already scrubbed adequate speed though even touching a pedal. After my drive, a crony of cave asked me how a Model 3 compares to a stream BMW 3 Series, and we told him I’d rather have a Tesla. He laughed. we wasn’t kidding.” — Josh Sadlier, comparison manager calm strategy

2017 Tesla Model 3

“No matter how most time we spend in a Model 3, we am still not used to form-over-function doorway handles and interior doorway buttons. Every new newcomer is confused about how to get into and out of a car. Even me, a driver, we have a tough time remembering how to get in from time to time. And even when we do remember, pulling in and afterwards pulling out a doorway handles adds an additional step that we don’t need. Why reinvent a wheel, Tesla? Make some normal doorway handles, Elon. Your business will appreciate you.” — Travis Langness

2017 Tesla Model 3

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