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Monthly Update for Apr 2017 – 2017 Land Rover Discovery Long

2017 Land Rover Discovery Monthly Update for Apr 2018

by Dan Frio, Staff Writer

Where Did We Drive It?
Apr was a workhorse month for a 2017 Land Rover Discovery. We used it for internal using around as per usual, yet we also got it out on a open highway for a Grand Canyon highway outing where a Disco returned decent fuel economy while carrying a family of 4 and gear.

While a Discovery continues to stir with a capability and altogether panache, a outcome is in: This navigation complement has got to go.

2017 Land Rover Discovery

What Kind of Fuel Economy Did It Get?
The Disco got a good examination in April. We total 3,090 miles to a odometer, stuffing 11 times with 194 gallons of gas. That averaged out to 17.6 mpg total — accurately a same outcome as a month before. That’s a bit of a head-scratcher. How does that occur when we put so many long-distance miles on a engine in April?

The answer lies with a terrible tankful right during a finish of a month, a misfortune tank nonetheless of a long-term test. We burnt by 18 gallons to expostulate only 235 miles, averaging 13.1 mpg. Boo.

If we subtract that tank, that was scarcely all city driving, and only demeanour during many of a Grand Canyon highway outing fill-ups (which accounted for about 1,300 of a month’s miles), a Disco comes out looking most improved during 19.7 mpg — close-ish to a EPA highway rating of 21 mpg.

Average lifetime mpg: 16.3
EPA mpg rating: 18 total (16 city/21 highway)
Best fill mpg: 21.3
Best range: 449.9 miles
Current odometer: 15,210 miles

Maintenance and Upkeep

Logbook Highlights

2017 Land Rover Discovery

“I put about 1,200 miles on a Discovery in a past 5 days. It shuttled 4 of us, including dual in automobile seats, to Grand Canyon National Park and back. This wasn’t a initial 1,000-plus-mile family highway outing in a Land Rover, and it again valid a value as a prolonged hauler.

“Up front: We pennyless a outing into 4- to 5-hour legs, that was near-optimum for chair comfort. The core storage cooler kept a sandwiches fresh. Large cupholders and low doorway pockets gave countless snack-stashing options. But a nav complement gave us difficulty any time we entered an address, generally a city field. Start to form a name and it gave a treacherous list of city and county options. Oddly, it worked best when we submit a ZIP formula instead.

“In back: The second-row tikes were anxious that there was adequate room to store their distractions. This isn’t always a box deliberation a bulk of their automobile seats. Rear-zone meridian controls alleviated some of a unavoidable complaining, as did a large sunroof. Despite a light-colored interior, distance 1 footprints spotless off a front seatbacks though most scrubbing. We forsaken a third-row chair for additional storage. The space it gave us was copiousness for a rigging and didn’t even problematic a back view.” — Mike Schmidt, comparison manager, automobile contrast operations

2017 Land Rover Discovery

“I’ve pronounced it a million times before, and I’ll contend it a million times after: Damn you, Will Kaufman. While I’ve beheld a Discovery’s windshield heating elements during a day, I’ve been means to Magic Eye my approach past them during night. Then he creates a criticism in Feb about how they problematic his prophesy during night. Now we can’t unsee it either.” — Cameron Rogers, staff writer

“We recently brought in a short-term Jaguar XF S Sportbrake for contrast and rating. we started messing around with a voice controls, a underline that is admittedly rather in my blind spot. Even yet a XF had onboard navigation, there were no voice controls that authorised me to set a finish or correlate with a nav complement in any way. Thinking we was blank something, we attempted to do a same in a Land Rover Discovery, that uses a same infotainment complement underneath a opposite name.

“Lo and behold, a Discovery also does not concede finish submit by voice commands. I’ve had my knowledge with wonky voice approval in a past, yet these systems are positively required for removing to where we wish though pulling over and entering a finish manually or, worse, attempting to do so while you’re already driving. Every other complicated automobile I’ve been in with navigation will let we submit a finish by voice controls even if it’s by a unwieldy state-city-street-street-number format.” — Cameron Rogers

“One thing we unequivocally like about a Discovery is a certainly cold styling. we can totally see how an image-conscious primogenitor with money to bake would collect this thing over, say, a Honda Pilot or Ford Explorer, let alone a minivan. How many three-row family haulers can light as a valet-approved date-night ride? When it comes to family-oriented vehicles, that kind of flexibility is a singular perk.” — Josh Sadlier, comparison manager, calm strategy

2017 Land Rover Discovery

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