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Jaguar XF Sportbrake 3.0 diesel S 2018 review

You usually have to crack by a pages of Auto Express and familiarize yourself with a latest automobile manufacturer product skeleton to get a spirit that a large diesel estate competence not be a stream tallness of automotive fashion.

The arise of a SUV and diesel’s well-documented passing would seem to to have conspired opposite cars like a Jaguar XF Sportbrake and a 3.0-litre V6 engine, though a opening between notice and existence can be a large one.

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This Jaguar XF launched in 2015, though buyers wanting additional practicality had to wait until late final year for a Sportbrake estate chronicle to arrive. Here we’re contrast a V6 diesel indication in range-topping S specification, that adds several sporty styling components including a pointed physique pack and roof spoiler. 

Jaguar XF Sportbrake 3.0 diesel S - rear

It’s rear-wheel expostulate – a Sportbrake’s AWD tech isn’t accessible with this flagship diesel section – and all models get self-leveling atmosphere cessation during a back. If you’re awaiting a pillowy, bump-obliterating ride, however, consider again. This S indication also has sports cessation and discretionary 20-inch amalgamate wheels – and a outcome is organisation progress. It isn’t uncomfortable, though it comes tighten with a adaptive dampers in Dynamic mode. 

The flipside is considerable physique control for a 1,855kg executive estate, and a planted, calming feel by a corners. The steering doesn’t accurately come alive in your hands, though it is accurate and a altogether outcome is fun.

And so to a engine, that has some-more than adequate about it to broach a goods. The 6.1-second 0-60mph time competence not sound peppery by complicated standards, though a whopping 700Nm of torque from only 2,000rpm speaks volumes. The coherence and free in-gear titillate of a large diesel will be a large detriment if a legislators get their approach – and this one has that in abundance. It’ll do 49.6mpg and evacuate 149g/km of CO2, as good as braggadocio full Euro 6 compliance. 

Jaguar XF Sportbrake 3.0 diesel S - dash

Engine excellence is impressive, too, and you’ll need to flip a eight-speed involuntary down a integrate ratios to hear a 3.0-litre turbo section over a breeze and a stereo. When we do, a gearbox responds quickly and smoothly, even in a Sport setting. But a engine’s torque is such that rigging preference is roughly delegate in normal driving, definition many will leave a paddles good alone. 

The XF Sportbrake looks a partial both inside and out, though a interior pattern isn’t a tech fest we get in a Mercedes E-Class and a infotainment complement can be ungainly to use. There’s still no Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, either, that is frustrating in a automobile costing this much. The grained leather sports seats in a S indication are utterly slight and a equivalent pedals meant your right leg can rest uncomfortably opposite a side accelerate on a base, too. 

In terms of practicality, there’s a 565-litre foot that grows to 1,700 litres with a back seats dropped. It’s not utterly adult to E-Class dimensions, though it’s not distant off a BMW 5 Series Touring. The prosaic building creates it easy to slip equipment in, while a 2,000kg limit towing weight means it’s doubtful you’ll wish for carrying capacity.

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