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Jaguar I-Pace vs Tesla Model S

Electric cars are a future. Just demeanour during a interest, with each large automobile builder scrambling to get their initial EVs to market. But dual reward brands have viable offerings already on sale.

The newest is a Jaguar I-Pace. It’s an all-electric indication billed as an SUV. This initial EV from a British organisation boasts modernized tech underneath a modern-looking skin, yet it’s not a usually way. Despite a SUV tag, a I-Pace is closer in distance and judgment to Tesla’s Model S – a five-door that led a reward EV assign and, in 75D form here, a approach opposition to a Jag.

Both vehicles explain a operation of around 300 miles, so they’ll be viable 99 per cent of a time for many people. But that is a best upmarket EV on sale?

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Jaguar I-Pace

Jaguar I-Pace front tracking shot

For: Performance, beguiling to drive, serviceable real-world pushing range.

Against: Not as unsentimental as Tesla (but still unequivocally usable), infotainment still not a best.

Of a determined required engine manufacturers, Jaguar kick all of a rivals to marketplace with a pure-electric vehicle. The code has been initial with many innovations over a years, including front brakes behind in a fifties, so a I-Pace’s attainment shouldn’t unequivocally come as a startle – and Jag has corroborated adult a speed of growth with considerable execution.

If you’ve never driven an EV before, it’s easy. The miss of gears and engine sound is a newness during first, yet it quick becomes healthy – generally with 395bhp and 696Nm of torque on tap.

The I-Pace weighs 2,133kg due to a large 90kWh lithium-ion battery, so acceleration is dulled a little, yet during a exam lane a SUV still sprinted from 0-60mph in 4.4 seconds, that is a sports car’s turn of performance.

Jaguar I-Pace back tracking shot

In outcome there’s usually one gear, so we dump a Jag into Drive and only go, with a present torque giving lots of flexibility. The I-Pace romped from 30 to 70mph (simulating accelerating out of a city or encampment or onto a motorway) in 3.7 seconds.

You can supplement excellence to that list, since there’s no engine sound to interrupt a ease of a cabin. You hear stones pinging off a physique and a small breeze and tyre sound during aloft speeds, yet it’s mostly good suppressed and positively no noisier than Jag’s other, incomparable SUV, a F-Pace.

The float peculiarity matches a refinement. Our automobile had Jaguar’s £1,100 adaptive atmosphere suspension, and even roving on 20-inch alloys, a I-Pace is settled. As with many models on large wheels, a restraint is dissapoint by thumping potholes, yet differently a air-sprung set-up takes many roads in a stride. The car’s weight helps, since we feel it smoothing out a suspension’s responses, so when we cause in a plush damping in a default pushing mode, you’ll acquire a comfort here. It’s positively not as crashy as a Tesla.

Jaguar I-Pace dashboard

Yet it’s also a some-more enchanting automobile to drive. The steering has a lovely, tasty weight. Despite a taller float height, it turns sweetly and doesn’t hurl all that much, since a complicated battery is sandwiched low down in a floor. Grip is good and, with four-wheel drive, so is traction.

Even this S-spec automobile has all you’d need: a 12.3-inch digital dash, twin touchscreens (10 and five-inch), LED lights, a Meridian stereo, reversing camera, journey and meridian control, lots of reserve container and even CarPlay and Android Auto, that haven’t graced Jags until now. Choice options enclosed a pricey yet good £3,940 exhilarated Performance front seats and £960 breathtaking roof.

Testers’ notes:

  • Infotainment: Multimedia set-up still isn’t a greatest, yet we can now get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in a Jaguar. It can’t stop shade reflections, though.
  • Quality: I-Pace cabin feels improved built than Model S’s. Soft leather sports seats are gentle and supportive, and a pushing position is great.
  • Steering: Wheel is poetic and steering offers a good weight. The 12.3-inch digital dashboard is an appealing hi-tech underline providing info on efficiency.

Tesla Model S

tesla indication s front tracking

For: Great performance, clever infotainment system, considerable practicality.

Against: Ride peculiarity can’t compare Jaguar’s, not as good to drive, pricier than I-Pace and trails on quality.

Tesla competence have been in a news for a argumentative CEO Elon Musk some-more recently, yet that shouldn’t detract from what a association has achieved in a brief existence or a success of a products.

The Model S is a automobile that unequivocally launched Tesla as a engine manufacturer, blending copiousness of serviceable operation with clever performance. The higher-powered versions have finished headlines with implausible 0-60mph times interjection to their Ludicrous mode, yet this entry-level (again, a relations term) 75D chronicle is still impossibly quick by required automobile standards.

With 362bhp and 660Nm of torque, a Tesla was indeed faster than a Jag over a benchmark sprint, holding 4.3 seconds. It was also 0.2 seconds quicker from 30 to 70mph.

tesla indication s back tracking

Performance positively isn’t in question, yet while a dual are closely matched on acceleration, a Model S slips in other areas that buyers prioritise in such reward cars.

Air cessation is standard, yet notwithstanding this, a car’s 19-inch alloys thumped over bumps as a framework struggled to iron out imperfections in a highway like a some-more agreeable I-Pace.

There’s not a lot of feel by a Jag’s steering, yet it’s some-more unchanging and some-more true than a Tesla’s set-up. It’s light and, surprisingly, there’s about as most hurl in faster corners as in a Jaguar. While it’s agile, a Model S doesn’t expostulate or change instruction utterly as tough as a British rival, even if there’s a likewise present response from a motors.

The ‘75’ in a Tesla’s name denotes a 75kWh battery pack, so nonetheless it’s a small down on a Jag’s, with a claimed operation of 304 miles (vs a 298-mile NEDC explain for a Jag), there’s a identical turn of usability on offer.

tesla indication s interior dashboard

While a Jag has quick charging capability, a Model S can be recharged regulating Tesla’s Supercharger network. This has 120kW charging, that should take a battery to 80 per cent in around 40 minutes. On a 50kW quick horse to compare a I-Pace, a Tesla can be entirely recharged in 90 minutes, instead of one hour 25 mins for an 80 per cent top-up in a Jag. On a low-power supply a Model S takes 7 hours.

Other container includes a 17-inch infotainment shade – yes, unequivocally – Internet capability, sat-nav, exhilarated leather seats, a powered tailgate and lots of reserve equipment. The cars are good matched on spec, yet while a Tesla’s cabin looks cool, it trails a Jag’s on peculiarity and isn’t as solidly built.

Testers’ notes

  • Display: Dash arrangement adds to Tesla’s hi-tech feel, nonetheless a peculiarity of a finish inside can’t compare that of a I-Pace.
  • Touchscreen: Huge 17-inch arrangement takes centre theatre in Tesla’s cabin. It’s unequivocally comprehensive, yet a facilities accessed within it can take some finding.
  • Steering: Wheel provides even reduction feel than a Jaguar’s; Model S’s set-up is a bit unsuitable and is too light for a liking.


First place: Jaguar I-Pace

Jaguar I-Pace front

The I-Pace is a Car of a Year for good reason. It’s fast, refined, good to expostulate and offers low using costs, and is cheaper than a Tesla. It competence need some instrumentation of your lifestyle, yet not much. There’s no improved EV to welcome a change with.

Second place: Tesla Model S

tesla indication s front static

There’s no doubt Tesla has finished a lot for a electric car, yet a Model S 75D doesn’t make as constrained a box as a Jag. Even yet it’ll be inexpensive to run and is practical, this isn’t adequate for it to kick a I-Pace, since it’s not as gentle and doesn’t expostulate as well.

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