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Jaguar E-Pace vs Volkswagen Tiguan vs Jeep Compass

SUVs meant a vast lapse on investment for brands. While Jaguar competence have taken a time to daub into this remunerative partial of a automobile marketplace in that a German rivals have been so strong, buoyed by a success of a F-Pace SUV, a British organisation has now taken that recipe and downscaled it for a new E-Pace.

By contrast, Jeep has done a name for itself when it comes to 4x4s and SUVs, and a latest indication to strike a highway is a new Compass. This some-more reward charity is targeting a same marketplace zone as a E-Pace, an area that’s been assigned rather convincingly for a while by a sharp Volkswagen Tiguan SUV.

Best SUVs and 4x4s 2018

We’re contrast these cars in some-more affordable, lower-powered turbodiesel guise, with any indication featuring a primer gearbox. The leader contingency mix character and substance, blending high-quality materials and construction with a framework that delivers comfort and composure. The powertrain, meanwhile, contingency offer adult clever adequate opening nonetheless sacrificing economy.

A high order, then. Read on to find out that family SUV emerges victorious.

Jaguar E-Pace

Jaguar E-Pace - front

Even in a swarming zone a E-Pace is entering, there’s copiousness of range for reward SUVs since buyers wish a clarity of character and space they bring. In £32,645 D150 S spec, a exam automobile is one of a some-more affordable options Jaguar offers, so is it a some-more appealing tender than a rivals here?

Despite usually a front wheels transmitting energy to a road, a E-Pace didn’t humour off a line. It accelerated from 0-60mph in 10.8 seconds, that was faster than a reduction absolute Compass by 4 tenths of a second, nonetheless slower than a equally punchy and lighter Tiguan.

Jaguar E-Pace D150 primer 2018 review

The Jag’s surprisingly high kerbweight showed during a in-gear tests as well. Although it’s also longer-geared than a rivals, pulling 1,750rpm during 70mph, it was 3.2 seconds slower than a Jeep between 50 and 70mph in sixth.

Jaguar E-Pace - rear

Where a Jaguar has a transparent advantage over a Compass is with a float and handling. The E-Pace feels solid, with weightier steering, aloft hold and a some-more stoical cessation set-up. It still doesn’t float with as many fluidity and excellence as a best cars in a class, and on a discretionary adaptive dampers a Tiguan feels smoother still here, nonetheless a E-Pace is acceptably agreeable and usually oppressive bumps unequivocally break comfort.

It’s a niggly, pattery craziness as a physique lollops around in turns that competence be some-more of an emanate for many owners, and on 19-inch amalgamate wheels, like those propitious to a car, a dampers still onslaught to filter out a misfortune of a cessation movement.

Testers’ notes: “The E-Pace’s six-speed primer isn’t as sharp as a VW’s, with a woollier change that we’ve gifted before, even in Jag’s F-Type sports car. But it’s improved than a Jeep’s box for pointing and involvement.”

Jeep Compass

Jeep Compass - front

While Jeep competence be vast in America, in a UK a code hasn’t enjoyed such widespread success. It’s anticipating to change that with this new Compass SUV. For identical income to a E-Pace we get a 2.0 MultiJet II 140 Limited with a primer gearbox and four-wheel drive, that is what Jeep is famous for. At £31,810, it’s this indication we’re testing.

The Compass’s problems don’t finish there, since on a highway a Jeep lacks a Jaguar and VW’s clarity of sophistication when it comes to float quality. On vast £700 discretionary 19-inch wheels a front cessation copes pretty with bumps and potholes, nonetheless still spasmodic crashes, while a back set-up doesn’t feel really good offset or matched to a front during all. It rebounds cruelly and impacts on newcomer comfort. It’s this craziness that creates it tough to recommend.

Jeep Compass 2018 review

The engine also lacks a competitors’ grunt. While it’s down on power, it also gives divided torque to a Jag, with only 350Nm, nonetheless it is constructed low down during only 1,750rpm, as in a rivals. This meant a opening on exam wasn’t that impressive, accelerating from 0-60mph in 11.2 seconds.

At slightest shorter gearing, pulling 2,000rpm during 70mph, meant a in-gear acceleration was clever enough; in fact, a Jeep was quicker than a Jaguar in a 30-to-50mph and 50-to-70mph tests, while it even kick a VW between 30 and 50mph in third and fourth gears, holding 3.7 and 5.4 seconds respectively. This coherence is useful, since a primer delivery isn’t really pleasing to use.

Jeep Compass - rear

It feels deceptive and indistinct, with a prolonged throw. Combined with a loud engine and aloft cruising revs, a diesel impacts on a model’s refinement. There’s a decent turn of hold for a tiny SUV, and actually, hurl is tranquil adequately. The steering is acceptable, nonetheless no better, since a Compass doesn’t offer a same turn of pointing as in a VW, or a weight and reduction of a Jaguar.

Testers’ notes: “The Jeep’s off-road ability isn’t in question. It’ll go serve than a E-Pace or Tiguan, nonetheless this is expected to be of delegate regard to buyers compared with factors such as efficiency, practicality and quality.”

Volkswagen Tiguan

VW Tiguan - front

VW’s Tiguan is one of a many hi-tech SUVs around, nonetheless this five-seat family off-roader will need some-more than record to overcome a rivals here. We exam a £32,360 Tiguan 2.0 TDI 150 four-wheel-drive primer in well-equipped SEL trim, nonetheless a cinema uncover an SE Nav version.

It’s easy to mark a MQB chassis’ traits here; they meant a VW will be informed from behind a circle to anyone who’s driven a Golf or a Passat, for example. The steering is accurate and easily weighted, that means we can make a many of a considerable turn of hold on offer. It feels ease and stoical where a Jeep breaks down and sacrifices comfort.

VW Tiguan Allspace 2018 review

Part of that stems from a VW’s chassis, that was propitious with a £810 Dynamic Chassis Control adaptive dampers; these broach copiousness of comfort in their softer environment over undulating nation roads, with a honeyed nonetheless sure-footed feel to a approach a cessation controls movement. Even harsher bumps are smothered sincerely well, and while you’ll feel these, a axles don’t pile-up like in a Jeep.

The 148bhp 2.0 TDI section matches a Jag’s output, nonetheless is 40Nm down on a E-Pace’s torque outlay and 10Nm bashful of a Compass’s. Nevertheless, a VW put in a clever display when it came to performance, accelerating from 0-60mph in 9.5 seconds on test, so it was a quickest automobile of this contingent in a true line.

VW Tiguan - rear

It also had a corner over a Jag in a in-gear tests – utterly between 50 and 70mph in sixth, where it was 3.9 seconds quicker, holding 9.9 seconds – nonetheless this is due to a VW’s shorter gearing; it turns 2,100rpm during 70mph compared with 1,750rpm for a Jaguar.
It’s many some-more polished than a Jeep, too. There’s a diesel clap if we rev a motor, nonetheless it’s never anything reduction than well-spoken and settles down to a quiet, apart sound when on a motorway and is distant from forward when a Volkswagen is cruising.

Even nonetheless a Tiguan is a family SUV, we can expostulate it sincerely hard. It’s some-more stretchable than a Jag and Jeep; it feels lighter, crook when changing instruction and a primer gearbox has  a pleasingly automatic action, charity a good turn of interaction, even for a automobile like this.

Testers’ notes: “The Tiguan’s genuine reward is a infotainment (see Page 44), that is propitious as customary to this high-spec SEL model. It’s so candid to use that a VW will be a easiest automobile to live with.”


First place: Volkswagen Tiguan

VW Tiguan - front

It’s initial place for a Tiguan as it offers a best mix of all a attributes a reward family SUV like these cars needs to. It’s efficient, affordable to buy and careful to run, while it also has a higher-quality feel than a rivals, nonetheless still delivers plain performance. Factor in a some-more spacious, some-more hi-tech cabin and a VW’s standing as a leader here is assured.

Second place: Jaguar E-Pace

Jaguar E-Pace - front

Jag’s initial tiny SUV will no doubt be a sales success interjection to a clarity of style, nonetheless it’s not a sweetest driver’s car. Compared with a VW it lacks opening and comfort, while it’s also pricier than a Tiguan, not as unsentimental and can’t compare a atmosphere of quality. Running costs will be formally low, nonetheless a pricier E-Pace D180 automobile is closer still to a spec honeyed spot.

Third place: Jeep Compass

Jeep Compass - front

The Compass shows that Jeep is removing there, nonetheless it still can’t utterly keep adult with a gait of swell in this sector. Limited spec gets lots of pack for a money, nonetheless it’s let down by a element peculiarity and below-par infotainment. While a clever 4×4 capability will be a vast pull to some, it’s not as polished or as stretchable as a rivals, and a float peculiarity is poor.

Is it value watchful for this model?

Volvo XC40 D3 Inscription

Volvo XC40 - front

Due: Summer
Price: £31,510
Engine: 2.0-litre 4cyl, 148bhp

Volvo’s D3 XC40 arrives soon, with energy to compare a Jag. It’s good priced, while we can also go for an AWD version. It’s full of tech from models like a XC90, nonetheless is practical.


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