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From 356 to 911: Check out this Porsche video story lesson

It’s tough to suppose a universe though a Porsche 911 using prevalent in a streets and ripping by packs during competition tracks, though how did we get to this point? As Donut Media explains in a above video, a Porsche 911 was introduced in 1963 as a deputy for a a long-in-the-tooth Porsche 356 — a automobile Porsche grown right after WWII. Originally slated to be called a Porsche 901, Peugeot swooped in and claimed all three-digit automobile names with “0” in a middle. In response, Porsche did what any association confronting a lawsuit about a numeric name would do: it transposed a “0” with a “1.”

Now called a 911, Porsche’s new sports automobile became a tack among sports automobile enthusiasts and lane rats alike. Over a years, Porsche combined additional letters, badges and parts to a 911 to make it some-more absolute and homologate it to several racing supporting bodies though kept a air-cooled flat-six. 

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As many know, Porsche did eventually dump a air-cooled flat-six, replacing it with a liquid-cooled H6. While it might still be sin among a handful of Porsche enthusiasts, a wasser-cooled Porsche continues to impress drivers and critics alike.

If we wish to locate even some-more of Porsche’s history, check out a video above.

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