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First Drive: 2019 Ram Sport 1500

WINDSOR, ON: Uniquely styled and trimmed, Ram is again adding a for-Canada-only Sport to a 2019 lineup of light-duty, full-size pickups.

Ram accounts for about 40 per cent of all Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)) sales in Canada, with a Ram Sport being a many renouned lorry model.

According to Mike Szymkiewicz, comparison manager product planning, FCA Canada, buyers like a monochromatic demeanour and a in-truck content, generally city dwellers in places such as civic Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal where a startling series of Sports are sold.

The Sport is one of 7 models for 2019 many of that we sampled early this year with Szymkiewicz and Jim Morrison, a Canadian-born and newly commissioned conduct of a Ram lorry division.

Available in Quad Cab and Crew Cab configurations, Sport’s monochromatic extraneous comes in 9 colours, equivalent by a black shelter bar grille with R-A-M lettering with blacked out hood badging and side window surrounds.

A standout is a discretionary Sport hood with lifted energy architecture and organic venting to remove feverishness from a engine bay.

First Drive: 2019 Ram Sport 1500First Drive: 2019 Ram Sport 1500

And vocalization of standouts, Sport comes with customary 20-inch aluminum wheels, though discretionary are 22-inch “Black Noise” alloys accessible for a initial time on 4X4 models.

Standard engine is a 5.7-litre Hemi V8 with 395 hp and 410 lb/ft of torque, while a same engine with Ram eTorque amiable hybrid record adds an additional 130 lb/ft of torque for combined grunt during launch.

The Sport uses an eight-speed TorqueFlite involuntary delivery to optimize fuel economy, opening and drivability.

Offered in 4×2 or 4×4 versions, there is an on-demand send box with 4 handling ranges – Auto, 2HI, 4HI, and 4LO – with Auto optimizing a placement of torque formed on automobile pushing conditions.

It comes customary with energy tractable pedals, CD player, exhilarated steering circle and a newest era 8.4-in UConnect touchscreen that includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The customary seven-inch reconfigurable in-cluster arrangement not usually facilities a singular start-up shade with a “Sport” logo, though also deep-dive information, including fuel economy, trailer braking and standing on a accessible atmosphere suspension.

A dual-pane sunroof is accessible on Crew Cab models that also offers a recumbent back chair with prosaic back building and 12.7 cm incomparable in-floor Ram bins that can accommodate a four-in dump hitch.

First Drive: 2019 Ram Sport 1500First Drive: 2019 Ram Sport 1500

As partial of a introduction to Canadian media, Ram took us on a debate of Essex County that enclosed Point Pelee National Park, that is a southern many partial of Canada.

Windsor happens to be my hometown, so we had a excellent time furloughed a county and interlude off during places we hadn’t seen in some-more than 50 years.

But it was also work, as Ram sent us to a outrageous chase where we tested a Sport’s adult to 5,783 kg (12,750 lb) towing and 1,043 kg (2,300 lb) load capabilities.

Bed load volume in a Crew Cab is adult to 1,521 litres while interior storage bin volume is adult to 151.1 litres.

One of a places we wanted to revisit was a community of Colchester on Lake Erie, with a little beach we used to play on 60 years ago.

The Uconnect touchscreen uses vast icons for facilities such as music, meridian and discretionary navigation, a latter of that came in accessible for seeking out Colchester, that we could see from a map on a screen.

Rolling along a southern seaside of Lake Erie and a vast furnish stands braggadocio Beefeater tomatoes a distance of softballs, a interior of a Sport was a flattering good place to be.

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The discretionary leather seating and trim was adult to oppulance automobile standards and a centre smoke-stack had vast rotary knobs for many controls, such ad heating and cooling, that is always appreciated in a winter with gloved hands.

Same thing goes for a even bigger doorknob on a instrument row used for rigging selection. It is grouped with a buttons for expostulate mode selection. Other Sport standards embody energy tractable pedal and exhilarated steering wheel.

Ram’s front and back cessation has magnitude response damping, though my mountain had a discretionary four-corner atmosphere cessation that adapts automatically (or manually by driver) to varying highway conditions.

There are 5 selectable float tallness modes – Normal, Aero, Off-Road 1, Off-Road 2 and Entry/Exit.

The interior facilities energy exhilarated competition cloth/premium vinyl seats with a special ‘hex’ insert filigree fabric. Optional leather exhilarated and ventilated seats also underline a singular technical embossed hardness indifferent usually for Canada.

Among a many options are a twin mirror energy breathtaking sunroof, spray-in bed ship and energy using boards, that came in flattering accessible removing adult into a cab as my tester also had a 22-inch wheels.

I came divided meditative we could go from a work site true to a celebration and not demeanour out of place.

The 2019 Ram Sport truly is a pickup for all reasons and all Canadian seasons.

First Drive: 2019 Ram Sport 1500First Drive: 2019 Ram Sport 1500

2019 Ram Sport 1500 light avocation pickup

BODY STYLE: Full-size, body-on-frame light-duty pickup truck

DRIVE METHOD: Rear/four-wheel-drive; eight-speed TorqueFlite involuntary transmission

ENGINE: 5.7-litre Hemi V8 (395 hp, 410 lb/ft); 5.7-litre eTorque mild-hybrid Hemi V8 (395 hp, 410 lb/ft, 130 lb/ft additional with eTorque)

TOW RATING: 5,783 kg (12,750 lb)

PAYLOAD: 1,043 kg (2,300 lb)

CARGO BED VOLUME: Up to 1,521 litres

FUEL ECONOMY: (Regular) 5.7-litre (non hybrid) 4X2, 16.2/10.5/13.6L/100 km city/highway/combined; 4X4, 16.1/11.0/13.8

PRICE: Base Quad Cab 4X2, $52,595; as tested Crew Cab 4X4 with atmosphere cessation and countless options, $74,195

WEB SITE: Ramtruck.ca

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