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BMW X3 vs Volvo XC60 vs Jaguar F-Pace

The launch of a new BMW X3 outlines a finish of a year filled with high-profile reward SUVs. We’ve seen a Audi Q5, Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Volvo XC60 all creation waves in a shred in 2017, yet it was a latter that tender a most, and it’s one of a pivotal cars for a new X3 to beat.

The Volvo’s upmarket cabin and intelligent looks, total with a clever selection list and a stoical chassis, meant a Swedish indication took a 2017 Premium SUV of a Year title.

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Then there’s a Jaguar F-Pace, that is another favourite of ours and was a leader of a desired Car of a Year endowment behind in 2016.

It’s a oldest indication of a 3 here, yet it’s  still really practical, gentle and, due to a approach it drives, a critical contender in this class. So to take home a win a new X3 will need to pierce together practicality, interior quality, a gentle float and enchanting handling.

That’s utterly a attainment to achieve, yet with a new BMW 5 Series holding a autocratic feat in a possess category as good this year, a X3, that shares identical tech, could do a same. Can it deliver? Read on as we give a decisive verdict…


BMW X3 - front

BMW has sole some-more than 1.5 million X3s given it initial went on sale in 2003, yet a prior second-generation indication was starting to feel old. The new automobile is a step forward, and we’re contrast a xDrive20d in M Sport trim, that starts during £41,380.

The prior X3 was always a tip choice in this category when it came to pushing dynamics, and that hasn’t altered with this new model. The modernized new design means a new BMW offers a class-leading float and doing balance.

BMW X3 - rear

In comfort mode it’s movable adequate that there’s usually a tiny disproportion between it and a XC60, yet it’s some-more agreeable than a Volvo and deals with mid-corner bumps with some-more composure.

The X3’s steering isn’t as discerning as a Jaguar’s, and it doesn’t utterly compare a F-Pace’s flexible handling, yet it’s so tighten behind and is also some-more comfortable, so for many buyers a BMW is a improved choice.

Then there’s a performance: a BMW’s energy total compare a rivals here, yet in a tests during a lane it was significantly quicker. From 0-60mph, it was a second faster than a XC60 and 1.4 seconds faster than a F-Pace, holding usually 8.0 seconds.

BMW X3 - interior

It’s a identical story with a in-gear figures: from 30-50mph in fourth a BMW accessible a time of 3.4 seconds, simply violence a Jaguar’s 4.6 seconds and a Volvo’s 3.7 seconds. It seems quicker in a genuine universe as well, given a gearbox is good matched to a engine, with simply spaced ratios.

This helps boost excellence further, an area where a X3 excels since a powertrain is simply a quietest of a 3 models on a move.

Testers’ notes: “The X3’s xDrive complement gives soundness when pushing in sleazy conditions, yet a sporty calibration means a set-up helps boost a BMW’s agility, too.”

Volvo XC60

Volvo XC60 - front

The Volvo XC60 is a pivotal opposition for a X3 to beat, as it tender us adequate in 2017 to explain a Auto Express Best Premium SUV title. Here we’re contrast a 2.0-litre diesel D4 indication in R-Design trim, that costs £39,705.

The BMW and Jaguar broach honeyed handling, yet a Volvo feels many some-more set adult for comfort, nonetheless it doesn’t do divided with agility. The adaptive dampers on a automobile meant it was means to soak adult bumps on severe roads sincerely well.

Volvo XC60 - rear

In a stiffer environment it does feel harsher than possibly of a rivals, yet a default mode is a good change between agility, restraint and comfort. However, a R-Design model’s incomparable 19-inch wheels do impact this and reduce trim levels we’ve attempted with smaller wheels are some-more compliant.

The steering is lighter in a Scandinavian SUV than a rivals, yet it’s good weighted in a XC60 and it’s adequate to give certainty in fixation a car. It does loiter behind a rivals a tiny when it comes to energetic ability and enjoyment.

However, in this category it’s not such an issue, since owners will be some-more meddlesome in float comfort; so it’s a contrition that a XC60 feels a tiny harsher than a X3 on rougher roads.

Volvo XC60 - interior

The 2.0-litre diesel engine is no smoother than a rivals here, nonetheless nothing of a trio’s engines is quite characterful to use. They do all offer decent performance, though, and in a tests a 187bhp Volvo fared flattering good opposite a rivals.

At a lane it managed 30-70mph in 8.3 seconds, a lot faster than a Jaguar’s 9.4-second time, yet behind a X3’s 8.1 seconds. The pushing position is gentle in a Volvo, nonetheless a seats in a BMW and Jaguar are indeed even some-more supportive, and we get leather as customary on those cars. There’s a good turn of comfort on prolonged journeys as a result.

However, while a delivery is well-spoken and upshifts early, if we rev a engine tough it’s as shrill as a F-Pace’s engine and not quite pleasing to listen to. The Swedish model’s engine is positively not as inside as a X3’s some-more polished motor.

Testers’ notes: “The XC60’s interior is a genuine step adult from a predecessor. It’s not as sporty as a X3, yet it’s a compare for quality. Both feel improved built and some-more lush than a Jaguar.”

Jaguar F-Pace

Jaguar F-Pace - front

The Jaguar F-Pace won a 2016 Car of a Year endowment interjection to a considerable brew of pointy looks, comfort, excellence and agility. We’re contrast a 2.0-litre diesel AWD indication in R-Sport guise, that costs from £41,330.

Although a Jaguar’s engine is a slightest absolute here – a 2.0-litre diesel has 178bhp, while both rivals have 187bhp – it’s indeed a leader when it comes to torque. The engine has a limit of 430Nm, that beats a BMW and Volvo by 30Nm, and it’s accessible as low as 1,750rpm, that means it feels roughly as punchy from behind a circle as a rivals.

Jaguar F-Pace - rear

However, a engine is counterfeit and doesn’t feel as manageable as a glorious section in a BMW. At 70mph a F-Pace is a noisiest automobile here, too, and if we put your feet down a worker from a engine is even some-more apparent. The gearbox shifts uniformly when we need it to, nonetheless it’s not as discerning as a BMW’s transmission.

With lots of hold and good physique control, a F-Pace is fun to drive; it’s tough to trust a high-riding SUV can hoop as good as this. It stays stoical even on rough roads, and comfort doesn’t take too many of a strike to broach those fun dynamics.

Jaguar F-Pace - interior

It’s a contrition it doesn’t have a opening to compare a rivals given that a pushing knowledge is so good otherwise. At a lane a Jag was slower than a Volvo and BMW in many pivotal opening tests, including 0-60mph and 30-70mph, nonetheless it did conduct to kick a rivals from 50-70mph in seventh gear.

In that exam it took 8.8 seconds, a tenth faster than a BMW and half a second faster than a XC60. It’s a F-Pace’s heavier kerbweight that dulls a car’s performance, that is since a Jaguar’s doing is all a some-more impressive.

Testers’ notes: “The Jag is accessible with rear-wheel expostulate during a reduce cost, yet a rivals are four-wheel expostulate only. Think about where you’ll use a automobile before opting for a additional driven wheels.”


First place: BMW X3

BMW X3 - front

With a category this competitive, it’s a slight win for a BMW X3. It’s even some-more gentle than a Volvo and scarcely as good to expostulate as a F-Pace. It’s also a fastest and a many polished SUV here, while it offers lots of practicality, a tip peculiarity cabin and copiousness of technology. It competence be pricier than a rivals, yet a disproportion is tiny adequate for a BMW to secure a win.

Second place: Volvo XC60

Volvo XC60 - front

The XC60 is still a tip choice in a reward SUV class, yet usually loses out to a X3 here. The XC60 is gentle and good to drive, yet usually doesn’t have a BMW’s extent of ability. It does have a top-notch interior on a side, and it’s good value too, both in terms of list cost and on PCP finance, that is since it finishes forward of a sharper-to-drive F-Pace in this test.

Third place: Jaguar F-Pace

Jaguar F-Pace - front

It’s transparent how parsimonious a competition is when a Jaguar finishes in third place. Our 2016 Car of a Year is still a best automobile in this category to drive, and it has a biggest foot of a three. Its pointy looks and clever residual values are large and points, too, yet it falls behind a exam rivals for interior quality, opening and value, since a Jaguar isn’t as good versed as a XC60 or X3.

Other options in this category

Mercedes GLC 250d AMG Line

Mercedes GLC 250d 2016 - front tracking

Price: £41,470
Engine: 2.1-litre 4cyl, 201bhp

If you’re after an SUV with float comfort in mind, cruise a Mercedes GLC. It glides over bumps in a highway with ease, generally if we go for a indication on atmosphere suspension. The 250d is also some-more absolute than a rivals here.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.2 180hp Speciale

Alfa Romeo Stelvio - front

Price: £41,490
Engine: 2.2-litre 4cyl, 178bhp

On a flip side, focusing on pushing thrills is a Alfa Romeo Stelvio. It’s an all-new indication that’s good to drive, unsentimental and stylish. It’s not as good finished as a rivals here, yet offers something a tiny sportier.



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