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2019 BMW X4 First Drive | Edmunds

To know a 2019 BMW X4, it helps to start with BMW’s fixing parlance. Odd-numbered vehicles paint normal four-door sedans and SUVs, while a even-numbered ones take after two-door coupes. Sometimes they have that many doors, yet mostly they adopt a swoopy, fastback-style roofline.

That happens to be a box with this entirely redesigned second-generation X4, that is a stylized, sportier chronicle of a BMW X3. Both oppulance compress SUVs share a same underpinnings, including engines and transmissions, and come from a same factory, in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The embellished roofline and combined customary facilities meant a X4 offers reduction functionality and costs more, intentionally tying a interest to shoppers who wish a compress oppulance SUV that emphasizes competition over utility.

2019 BMW X4

Staying Power
Keeping unchanging with a sporty theme, all X4s float on a firmer cessation than a X3 and come with front seats that have incomparable side bolsters. The dual accessible trim levels — a xDrive30i and a M40i — are differentiated by their engines and customary equipment, with a latter being some-more absolute and enchanting to drive. The M40i has a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six with 355 horsepower and 365 pound-feet of torque, while a xDrive30i uses a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder good for 248 horses and 258 lb-ft of torque. At a new press event, we grabbed a keys to an M40i and didn’t let go.

The six-cylinder creates appreciative sounds and energetically spins adult to redline. Activating a Sport mode creates it even louder, and we hear pops and backfires from a discretionary competition empty when we lift off a gas pedal. Like in a X3, a eight-speed involuntary has a launch control function. When engaged, BMW wagers an M40i can slice from 0 to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds. That’s discerning acceleration from any vehicle, let alone a compress oppulance SUV. The xDrive30i, lacking launch control, takes 6 seconds.

The X4 M40i’s steering and doing make an equally clever impression. The float is firm, overdue to a sporty capabilities of a chassis, yet can be smoothed out with a accessible adaptive dampers. The steering circle relays lively and liveliness during all speeds. Yet a non-static ratio changes so that a X4 is easy to scheme in parking lots and fast on a freeway.

Shoppers can outfit a all-wheel-drive complement with an electronically tranquil locking back differential that enables larger traction and speeds while exiting corners. While a real-world application of such a underline in something that’s not a sports automobile is debatable, a differential’s accessibility reinforces a X4’s sporty intentions.

2019 BMW X4

Mirror, Mirror
While a X4 is formed on a BMW X3, there are pivotal differences in a altogether shapes of these dual vehicles. The X4 is somewhat longer, many wider, and shorter in height, giving it a tauter altogether look. Its back lane breadth — a stretch between a center of any back tire — is also 1.2 inches wider compared to a X3’s. The boost essentially advantages style, yet BMW also says it helps urge a X4’s altogether agility.

We suppose it would take some back-to-back chair time with an X3 to feel a disproportion in handling, yet a X4’s breadth and a pattern of a back finish have a clever visible participation on a road. The far-reaching and slight taillights stress a spoilerlike gush during a bottom of a back potion where a BMW badge stands prominently.

We only aren’t so certain about a profile. While increases in altogether breadth and length give this new X4 some-more interior and load volume than final year’s model, that cut roofline reduces space contra a stream X3 in pivotal areas. Rear headroom shrinks by scarcely 2 inches, so folks of normal tallness will find their hair brushing a ceiling. There’s still copiousness of back legroom and shoulder room, though.

2019 BMW X4

Compared to a X3, load space drops to 18.5 cubic feet, that is reduction than some subcompact SUVs offer. Flip down a 40/20/40-split back seats, and that space opens to 50.5 cubic feet. That’s adequate room for a integrate and many errand-related needs, yet families competence run out of space.

The scrunched roof also reduces a distance of a back window, and a back headrests throng a perspective by a rearview mirror. Fortunately, there’s a operation of cameras and vicinity sensors available, yet shoppers supportive to external prominence could find a perspective problematic.

Inside, a front seating area looks and feels identical to a well-optioned X3. The seats feel vast and roomy, and a bolsters reason we in place when you’re going around turns though hampering a routine of removing in and out. Outside of a appreciative sound of a turbocharged straight-six, a interior is mostly quiet, too.

All X4s come customary with an appealing and absolute 10.3-inch party and navigation complement that’s discretionary on a X3. For phone integration, Apple CarPlay works wirelessly, yet it’s now offering as a subscription use with a initial year free. Android Auto is unsupported, too. Competitors such as a Mercedes-Benz GLC offer both as an option, while a Audi Q5 has them standard.

2019 BMW X4

Not for Everyone
The BMW X4 arrives during dealerships in Jul 2018 with a starting cost of $50,450 for a xDrive30i and $60,450 for a M40i (destination included), representing around a $4,000 to $7,000 burst over a homogeneous X3 trim levels. To be sure, a X4’s aloft cost and reduced application make it a genuine head-scratcher to many shoppers. But that’s because a BMW X3 exists.

The X4 caters to a niche assembly who wants additional customary features, something that looks opposite from many compress oppulance SUVs, and extended pushing dynamics. If we tumble into that group, a 2019 BMW X4 should offer we well.

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