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2017 Land Rover Discovery Long-Term Road Test

2017 Land Rover Discovery: Monthly Update for Nov 2017

by Dan Edmunds, Director of Vehicle Testing

2017 Land Rover Discovery

Where Did We Drive It?
You’re in luck. This 2017 Land Rover Discovery refurbish contains reward material. Our new Disco arrived only after October’s midpoint, so we motionless to save a late Oct impressions and hurl them into November’s update. You’re removing 6 weeks for a cost of four. Such a deal.

Even with that in mind, we’re still astounded during a miles a new Land Rover has accumulated. The final Nov gas hire revisit occurred on a 27th of a month and a odometer was already display 5,718 miles.

A demeanour during a logbook shows why. One of a editors had driven a Discovery to Yosemite National Park. Another installed it with dogs and rigging and took it on a steep sport trip. And I’ve piloted it to Oregon and behind to see family in dual tools of a state. Add in a common travelling and that large series creates some-more sense.

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2017 Land Rover Discovery: Introduction

by Mark Takahashi, Senior Writer

2017 Land Rover Discovery

What Did We Get?
The Land Rover Discovery has been a go-to choice for adventurers, or people who wish to seem adventurous, for decades. The boxy car has been renouned everywhere from Beverly Hills to a Masai Mara, though a figure hasn’t utterly won everybody over.

The 2017 Land Rover Discovery perceived a full redesign that smoothed over some of a tough edges of a predecessors (renamed a LR3 and LR4 in a U.S.). It no longer looks like a kitchen appliance, interjection to a slim nose and seemly physique sculpting. The redesign should give it some combined interest for shoppers new to a brand, though revolutionary Discovery fans shouldn’t fear that it’s mislaid any of a off-road credentials. Land Rover claims a 2017 Discovery is even some-more able than before.

We intend to exam that explain by pushing one for a year in a accumulation of circumstances. From commuter avocation to hard-core off-road adventures, a long-term Discovery will see a small bit of all during a initial 20,000 miles. By a finish of a year, we’ll have a good thought either or not it lives adult to a repute as a tough though worldly SUV.

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