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Porsche 911 GT3

No supercar countdown would be finish but a Porsche 911. The rear-engined German appurtenance has been during a pointy finish of a sportscar category for some-more than half a century, and shows no signs of negligence down yet. And heading a assign for motorist thrills is a wild, racer-for-the-road GT3.

Featuring a rarely tuned chronicle of a 911’s famous flat-six engine, a racebred cessation set-up, rapid-fire twin purchase gearbox and nude out interior, a latest GT3 delivers an unmixed shot octane fad from a impulse we spin a pivotal in a ignition.

For starters, a 3.8-litre engine provides a knockout punch that’s accompanied by an distilled scream that lasts until a heady 8,000rpm redline. But it’s a 911’s razor pointy doing that sets it apart.

• Porsche 911 GT3 review

Guide a GT3 by a array of corners and you’ll learn eye-popping grip, autarchic physique control and vital controls that are drizzling with feedback and broach lazer-guided accuracy. Few cars during any cost are some-more engaging. Even better, it’s roughly as easy to use day-to day as a customary 911.

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