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Years: 1959-2000
Number built: 5.4 million

The Swinging Sixties were a quite cold time in a UK, and a Mini was a automobile to be seen in. Its compress measure and splendid colours meant it stood out in a new automobile marketplace that was populated by honest and bleak saloons, and it valid a strike with city dwellers interjection to a good multiple of little distance and a surprisingly ample interior. Add-in an A-list expel of Sixties stars that gathering Minis, including The Beatles, Peter Sellers, Princess Margaret and even racer Graham Hill, and a Mini quick gained cold standing though most effort.

The automobile was a brainchild of Sir Alec Issigonis, and a compress front-engine, front-wheel-drive blueprint was innovative during a time. Putting all of a automatic tools during one finish of a automobile meant there was copiousness of space left for passengers and some luggage, and it meant a Mini could be a lot smaller than other cars on sale during a time.

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Initially it went on sale as a Morris Mini and a Austin Seven – a latter name being a blast from Austin’s past, nonetheless it was altered to Austin Mini in 1962. It also spawned a series of variants underneath a British Motor Corporation (BMC), including a Wolseley Hornet and Riley Elf saloons and a Mini Moke buggy-type machine. It was built underneath looseness by Italian association Innocenti, as good as Leyland in Australia and sole as kits in South America.

Cool cars: a tip 10 coolest cars - Mini rear

The Mini was never a quick car, nonetheless that didn’t stop a introduction of a Mini Cooper and Cooper S. These proto-hot hatchbacks were tweaked versions combined by John Cooper’s racing team, and a Cooper S valid quite skilful during giant-killing feats on a rallying and furloughed automobile stages.

The Mini Cooper won a tiresome Monte Carlo convene 3 times (four, if we count a argumentative suspension in 1966), and a steer of a little Mini doing conflict with hulk Camaro and Mustang flesh cars in a British Touring Car Championship, regulating a aloft cornering speeds to good effect, became a unchanging steer during competition marks opposite a UK.

Some would disagree that a Mini spent too prolonged in production, and a heyday in a Swinging Sixties was roughly vaporous by a partial in a sadness that was a British automobile attention of a 1970s.

Cool cars: a tip 10 coolest cars - Mini interior

But a Mini simply wouldn’t die. The attainment of a Metro in 1980 was ostensible to vigilance a genocide knell for Issigonis’s creation, though it came and went, and a Mini was still being built when a Metro, by afterwards called a Rover 100, was though to seed in 1998.

By a time a Mini finally stopped prolongation in 2000, it had regained some of a animation that done it so renouned in a initial place. It can lay explain to a place in a cold list, interjection to a innovative ideas that sojourn a cornerstone for scarcely each little automobile on sale today.

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