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Lotus Esprit

Years: 1976-2004
Number built: 10,675

One sure-fire approach to acquire cold standing is to be expel alongside James Bond in a 007 movies. In fact, a Lotus Esprit was cold adequate to seem in dual movies, and this was good before a days when product chain meant we could buy your approach on to a china shade (hello Ford!).

Sure, a Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger is a some-more famous Bond car, and is synonymous with Britain’s many famous tip agent, though that’s a apparent choice, so it’s not as inherently cold as a Esprit. And besides, a DB5 didn’t spin into a submarine during a pull of a button…

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There was most some-more to a Esprit than simply being view transport. Its crowd figure was pristine judgment car, a work of Italian styling master Giorgetto Giugiaro, with a low-slung physique and standard mid-engined supercar layout. Unfortunately, that engine brook usually housed a 162bhp 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine, nonetheless a after Esprit Turbo did redeem itself rather with 211bhp, and finally 217bhp in Turbo HC guise.

Cool cars: a tip 10 coolest cars - Lotus Esprit rear

A redesign in 1987 saw Giuigaro’s decidedly retro-looking crowd transposed by a curvier physique designed by Peter Stevens. Four-cylinder energy remained, while a Esprit’s parts-bin impression usually combined to a coolness. Look closer, and you’d find doorway handles from a Austin Allegro and afterwards a Vauxhall Calibra were used, a side mirrors were from a Citroen CX, and a tail-lights were a same as a Fiat X1/9, and after a Rover SD1. There were some-more scavenged tools underneath a skin, and over time a Esprit used a Citroen gearbox, a Vauxhall Omega alternator, Opel Ascona cessation parts, and a fuel siphon from a Renault Fuego.

One aspect of a Esprit that stranded loyal to other Lotus models like a Elan and Seven was a joining to light weight. The steel support framework was dressed in lightweight fibreglass bodywork, while a tiny engine meant altogether kerb-weight was reined-in to underneath a tonne – about a same as a Ford Escort of a time, though with some-more than twice a power.

It was usually towards a finish of a life that a Esprit got a engine it deserved, as a Esprit V8 was a approach outcome of a car’s foe coming in a fledgling GT1 sportscar championship. This 500bhp 3.5-litre twin-turbo V8 was some-more like a kind of engine you’d find in a Ferrari than a Ford, as a flat-plane holder meant it screamed rather than rumbled, and it gave a Esprit a 0-62mph time of 4.3 seconds.

Cool cars: a tip 10 coolest cars - Lotus Esprit interior

By a time prolongation of a Esprit came to a hindrance in 2004, it had turn an determined supercar, nonetheless low sales volumes have ensured a exclusivity. As for a inheritor to a Esprit, well, we’re still waiting. Lotus has stumbled from post to post with opposite owners and financial difficulties, though with a direct for disdainful supercars display no signs of waning, and new tenure of primogenitor organisation Proton by Chinese builder Geely, it can usually be a matter of time before an all-new Esprit hits a engine uncover stand. Who knows, it could even be expel as Bond’s subsequent association car…

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