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Land Rover Defender

Years: 1948-2016
Number built: Loads

Few cars have survived for as prolonged as a strange Land Rover did. While a final Defender is what we’ve named it in a list, we’re counting a whole birthright of a car, all a approach behind to a 1948 original. In terms of story and longevity, usually a Jeep and Mercedes G-Wagen can compete, though a former has developed over approval from a Willys original, while a latter is now a conform trinket for a rich. In comparison, a Land Rover is sincerely singular in a extent of a abilities.

That’s what creates it generally cool, since a Land Rover looks equally during home on a plantation or in a city. Defenders have been used for all kinds of jobs, from remote Scottish farms to Home Counties building sites, as airfield as glow engines, to draw boats for a coastguard and even in battle. The Defender unequivocally is a Swiss Army blade of practical transportation.

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The morality of a Defender is one of a and points. There are no luxuries here, only seats, a heater, maybe a radio, and windows to keep a continue off, though that’s only about it. Sure, we can spec adult a Defender during an aftermarket acclimatisation association so it’s as plush as a G-Wagen, though we can be only as intelligent cruising a King’s Road in a customary short-wheelbase XS indication if we wish to be seen.

Cool cars: a tip 10 coolest cars - Land Rover Defender rear

What people won’t be wakeful of is accurately how many of a onslaught it is to expostulate a Defender. While they might demeanour good from a outside, it’s a opposite knowledge altogether from behind a wheel. Heavy steering, a large branch circle, a close pushing position, wooden brakes, a complicated purchase and loose acceleration meant a Defender is from another epoch in terms of driving. Still, some people will suffer a plea of pushing one, even some-more so if they take it off-road.

The Defender is subsequent to unstoppable in a rough. The brief wheelbase chronicle is a one to go for, and a brief overhangs and slight physique meant it’ll get good off a beaten lane though removing stuck. And there are copiousness of aftermarket specialists who can pack a Defender out in all sorts of apparatus to make it even some-more even able when a going gets muddy.

Cool cars: a tip 10 coolest cars - Land Rover Defender interior

If you’re looking to buy a Defender, a recommendation is to go for as late a indication as possible. The best diesel engine is a final one, that is a 2.2-litre Duratorq from a Ford Transit. It’s not outstandingly powerful, though is good enough, and is a many polished engine, too. If we can means it, we’d suggest one of a singular book final run cars, too. The Heritage Edition harks behind to a 1948 strange with a immature paint and tan interior, while a Adventure gets a horde of off-road upgrades. The Autobiography is a top spec Defender there has ever been, nonetheless with a list cost of £61,000, it was also a many expensive. 

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