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Lancia Stratos

Years: 1973-1978
Number built: 492

What’s cooler than building a automobile that looks like a judgment automobile to go rallying in? Not much, and that’s accurately what Lancia did when it introduced a Stratos. It was a deputy for a successful Fulvia HF, though rather than develop that front-engine, rear-drive coupe, Lancia went insane and constructed a overwhelming crowd of a automobile with a mid-mounted engine sourced from Ferrari. Can we consider of anything cooler than something as radical as a Stratos attack down a timberland track, abandon spitting from a exhaust? That’s what creates this a cold car.

The Stratos name creatively seemed on a Lancia judgment automobile seen in 1970, though a usually thing that automobile and a convene Stratos have in common is a fact they were both designed by Marcello Gandini, a conduct engineer during Bertone. The convene appurtenance was preceded by a Stratos HF judgment of 1971. This previewed a new car’s radical figure and unequivocally stood out, and not usually since it was embellished fluorescent orange. Its wedge-shaped pattern and small cockpit area with subsequent to no rearward prominence meant it looked like zero else, and really not like a convene car.

• Ferrari 430 Scuderia-based Stratos deputy highway test

However, that was a purpose of a Stratos, and to underline a indicate Lancia propitious it with a 2.4-litre V6 from a Ferrari Dino. This done 190bhp in ‘Stradale’ roadgoing spec, and Lancia was scheduled to build 500 cars to accommodate rallying regulations of a time.

Cool cars: a tip 10 coolest cars - Lancia Stratos rear

However, changes to a manners meant that usually 492 were eventually made. Later cars came with a some-more absolute engine with 24-valve heads, compared to a strange car’s 12-valve configuration, and packaged 320bhp. Combine this energy with a car’s lightweight and brief wheelbase, and a Stratos valid nimble, if not a small twitchy during a extent of a capabilities.

The Lancia Stratos was one of a initial cars to be built privately to be rival in rallying, and came roughly a decade before a scandalous Group B era. And it valid to be hugely successful, too, winning a World Rally Championship 3 years in a quarrel from 1974-1976, and it was still winning rallies in a early 1980s. The order makers attempted to brace a Stratos behind by tying a performance, though a highway automobile had a kerb weight underneath a tonne, and a convene cars were lighter still.

Cool cars: a tip 10 coolest cars - Lancia Stratos interior

With such small weight for that Dino V6 to pull along, it remained a rival automobile for many years. Lancia even converted dual examples for continuation racing by chubby a large turbo to a engine to mangle a 500bhp separator and wise large wings, nonetheless conjunction automobile was really successful.

The Stratos has left down in story as a radical convene car, though it set a template for Lancia’s subsequent forays into a universe of rallying. The Lancia Rally 037 followed it in 1982 with a identical mid-engine, rear-drive layout, nonetheless it transposed a V6 with a turbo four. Then a furious Delta S4 combined four-wheel expostulate to a mix, a turbo and supercharged engine and bodywork that was hardly recognizable from a road-going Delta.

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