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Do a new Mercedes G-Wagen’s on-road improvements hurt the off-road credibility?

“If it’s not a ultimate off-road vehicle, it’s not a Gelandewagen.”

That was from Ian James, conduct of selling for a Mercedes-Benz G-Class. And while a vast story for a new 2019 model — still affectionately famous as a G-Wagen — during a Detroit automobile uncover surrounds a interior upgrades, Mercedes didn’t skimp on a off-road goodies either.

For one, there’s some-more space inside. Now that might sound like an on-road benefit, yet Mercedes wants we to know a alleviation in legroom, shoulder room and bend room is equally good for bouncing around off-road. The association was also penetrating to keep a hulk squeeze hoop in front of a front newcomer for when things get unequivocally tipsy.

The new G was tested, like a G-Class has been for 39 years, during Mount Schockl nearby Graz in Austria where a automobile is constructed — it’s like a Nurburgring for SUVs. Same line, same people, new tooling, by a way. It usually shares 3 tools altogether with a effusive model. The new G done a run down a mountain in 7 minutes, 51 seconds — 25 seconds faster than a effusive model.

2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class interior

The interior facilities 6 some-more inches of legroom for back passengers than in a stream indication and a acquire boost in shoulder space all around, but giving adult a vast box that is a load compartment.

Then there’s that new suspension. Even yet a plain front spindle can be some-more durable in certain environments, on or off-road, eccentric front cessation is the proceed Mercedes chose to go. It’s improved during speed off road, says James, and it’s improved in delayed situations since it keeps some-more tire on whatever aspect we occur to be crawling over. It’s also miles improved on-road, that is a vast care for a new G-Class, many of that will never see dirt.

The new G-Wagen has a standard, old-school ladder-type frame, 3 differentials and a “low” operation for critical off-roading. Ground clearway between a axles is now during 9.5 inches, H2O fording abyss is adult 3.9 inches to 27.6, while breakover, proceed and depart angles are all increased. Breakover angle is a limit probable extra angle that a vehicle, with during slightest one brazen circle and one back circle on a ground, can expostulate over but touching a frame. The G-Wagen’s is an considerable 26 degrees — review that with a new 2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, that has a 27.8 grade breakover angle.

The categorical indicate Mercedes is perplexing to make is that a DNA of a Gelandewagen is still total — hence a amber/resin time plug G-Class in front of Cobo Center.

Placing a G-Wagen in amber is a judgment innate from one of Mercedes’ artistic partners “as a proceed of preserving a DNA of a Gelandewagen.” The association initial spoke with a German association of element research, who said, “You’re crazy.” Mercedes disagreed and put 44.4 tons of creosote in a box — a small bit during a time — with a SUV. Including that and a transporting gear, it came in during about 52 tons. It had to be ecstatic over on a vast ship, that ran aground in a port, cutting a baked-in lead time from 5 days to zero.

Mercedes Benzs latest art plan A hybrid of Gelandewagen und resin

The United States is a largest marketplace for a G-Class, followed by Germany, Japan, a Middle East, Russia and China.

Speaking of sales, Mercedes says there are 3 categories of buyers: a loyal off-roaders, boxy pattern lovers and a AMG style/speed/power lovers. James combined a fourth critical difficulty he called mainstream, that are a folks and groups and sites that keep a fable going online. Mercedes sees them as destiny G-Class owners and pays courtesy to what they’re observant too.

“We were already a benchmark off-road; a fact that we’ve gotten improved leaves us really small foe on that side,” says James, “The on-road was something we indispensable to step adult to complicated standards.”

Looking during a fact and figures, it appears Mercedes succeeded on both accounts. We design to expostulate a new G-Class after this year and will let we know some-more then.

Jake Lingeman

Jake Lingeman

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