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Citroen DS

Years: 1955-1975
Number built: 1.46million

According to a readers, if there’s one automobile that is a comprehensive summary of cool, it’s a Citroen DS. It’s not a fastest or a many disdainful automobile in a list, though it positively has character and crafty engineering on a side, while a DS name is a play on a French word for Goddess (déesse). You can simply visualize a DS wafting serenely around Paris, along a Champs Elysee and around a Arc De Triomphe before parking adult in front of a cafeteria in a city.

When a DS was suggested during a Paris Motor Show in 1955, a sleazy figure wowed a crowds, and Citroen took scarcely 20,000 orders for a automobile on a initial day on display. It became a representation of French innovation, interjection to modernized hydropneumatic cessation that enclosed a self-levelling duty that authorised a DS to broach a gentle float on even a severe roads that were common in France during a time. The cessation could also be lifted or lowered, while a vigour in a complement drops when a engine is switched off, obscure a DS to a belligerent in that particular approach that’s so informed of a car.

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The innovations didn’t finish with a suspension, as front brakes, energy steering and a hydraulically-controlled four-speed primer gearbox with no purchase pedal also featured on a DS. A fibreglass roof helped save weight, while a far-reaching front lane compared with that during a back increased a front-wheel-drive DS’s handling.

Cool cars: a tip 10 coolest cars - Citroen DS rear

Throughout a life, a DS had a series of innovations added, including directional headlamps that incited by adult to 80 degrees in line with a steering. Self-levelling headlights were also combined to cope with changes in a car’s representation when accelerating and braking.

One area where a DS was a small back was a engine, since a strange automobile used a growth of a four-cylinder section found in a Traction Avant, that a DS replaced. That engine could snippet a roots to a 1930s, and was used after Citroen had deserted skeleton to fit a DS with a new air-cooled flat-six. The DS never unequivocally had a energy to compare some executive automobile rivals, interjection to France’s taxation rules, though a further of fuel injection and bigger engines over a life cycle helped matters. Having pronounced that, a many absolute DS23 still usually had 141bhp.

As good as a four-door saloon, a DS was also sole as a Safari estate, and there were automobile versions offered, too. The DS valid renouned with French heads of state – President Charles De Gaulle praised a DS after an assassination try on him unsuccessful since a customary DS he was roving in managed to shun danger, notwithstanding being riddled with bullet holes. But a DS also gained recognition as a cab in France, while success on rallies such as a Monte Carlo and marathon events like a London-Sydney convene demonstrated a car’s reliability.

Cool cars: a tip 10 coolest cars - Citroen DS interior

The DS remained in prolongation for 20 years, unheard of in these days of five-year life cycles, and scarcely 1.5 million were done in that time. It left a bequest that saw Citroen launch DS as a apart oppulance code in 2010, while a strange DS is now a sought-after classical that commands a reward during auctions opposite a creation – it was even voted a many pleasing automobile of all time in a check of 20 heading automobile designers.

And of course, a car’s coming in renouned enlightenment has cemented a place as a coolest automobile ever. Celebrity owners enclosed cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and artist Marc Chagall, while film appearances embody as a drifting cab in Back To The Future Part 2, where it picked adult passengers in 2015, 60 years after it was initial revealed… 

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