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Audi RS 5

Audi has tended to follow a lead of BMW and Mercedes when it comes to high-performance cars. Most of a time they have been fast, though a further of quattro four-wheel expostulate has hold them behind when it comes to motorist engagement.

Past versions of a RS 5 Coupe have had V8 power, though a stream indication copies a S5 by carrying a V6 twin-turbo TFSI engine. This is a same engine found in a RS 4 Avant opening estate and packs 444bhp. This time around, a RS 5’s quattro four-wheel expostulate has been tuned by Audi Sport, a organisation behind Audi’s racing projects, and it has some-more of a back disposition than ever.

This boosts a RS 5’s ability, while a 4WD hold still gives it unrivalled traction and lively in sleazy and soppy conditions. What’s more, a four-seater cabin means this is a unsentimental opening automobile that could double as family ride but any difficulty.

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